dCS Lina dac operating temperature?


Im the proud owner of a dCS Lina dac and I noticed that the unit temperature after a couple of hours operation is around 52 degrees and the room temperature is 18 degrees. In the summer the room temperature can get as high as 26 degrees and the Lina would probably be much warmer, what are save operating temperatures for the Lina dac?

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This is Celsius right? How are you measuring the temperature? Is this as reported on the information menu?

The reported temperature is notably higher than I experience with the much larger Vivaldi but I assume that the smaller enclosure may result in higher temperatures when running. What is certain is the your reported ambient temperatures are well within the approved operating conditions for the Lina DAC ( 0 - 45 Celsius). Perhaps more specific information can be supplied by @Phil or @James?

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your reply, yes it’s in Celsius and the operating temperature is displayed in the mosaic app under support-> status.
I must say that the Lina is brand new and still needs a lot of burn in time, not sure if this has any effect on the temperature.

Regards, Richard

I would doubt this. However you may have to wait a bit if one of the dCS engineers is able to be definitive on typical internal temperatures, due to the Christmas/New Year holiday period.

Thanks Pete.
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I wouldn’t worry about it. I just hooked up the Lina DAC to the network and downloaded Mosaic to check for myself. I prefer the Apple Music lossless format. After about 45 minutes of streaming music from Qobuz, the device temperature shows 56.9 degrees Celcius and the DAC hardly feels warm when I place my hand on it.

Hi Donald,

Thanks for the reply.
I’m not worrying about the current temperature but what if the unit reaches >70 degrees Celsius in the summer when the room temperature is >26, would these temperatures decrease the lifespan of the electronics?

Regards, Richard

Richard. I have already given you the ambient temperatures during during which it has been designed to operate:

Your room temperature of 26C is well within the limits.

You did Pete and I must have been distracted by the Lina’s amazing sound and mist that part. :smiley:
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As Pete has already correctly stated the Lina DAC is tested for use in ambient temperatures of 0-45 degrees C - it will almost certainly continue to operate outside those ranges but the standard test range is 0 - 45 degrees … it is unlikely that outside this range would be particularly comfortable for listening for long.

My own unit here is currently sitting at an indicated 57.3 C (Internal Temperature) but the Lina DAC (as wilth all dCS units) does continually monitor its operating temperature at a number of points and - should the unit get excessively hot - it will shut itself down to avoid damage.

There is not a fixed temperature at which that would happen as it is based upon multiple different readings within the units.

There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about the temperature of your unit as it stands - the value that is being reported in your status display is absolutely fine and the environment you are using it in is pretty much slap bang in the middle of the test range.

I hope that helps.

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Hi Phil, thanks for clarifying this. :+1:t2:

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