DCS Bartok (Play Tidal) Problems

I have problems playing Tidal - all music tracks play for 2-3 seconds and then stop for 10-20 seconds.
Routing: Router => Switch => DCS Bartok’

Sorry to hear that Chee Wang.

On the positive, virtually every single report of such issues has to do with the Internet Service Provider connection and/or Tidal itself, not the dCS kit.

I just noticed you also posted on that older thread where someone else had the same issue. Have you tried exploring any of the solutions proposed there?


If you are still having problems then can you please pop an email over to [email protected] and we will work through your issue with you - in most cases where there is a “TIDAL / Qobuz / Internet Radio was working and now isn’t working - what do I do to fix it?” question then the cause is quite frequently a DNS issue out on the internet that will resolve itself within a few days but we are happy to look into your issue with you…

Best Regards

Phil Harris

Thanks ! will send mail to dcs support