Dcs Bartok needs update

My dcs bartok is currently running version 1.00 my mosaic app sees the bartok but says the device requires an update. Yet when it searches for the update the app says there is no update available.

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I think you need to update your Mosaic app first, in order to be able to search and find your Bartók upgrade.

Be sure to reboot your Bartók first, before starting any upgrade, by switching it off and on again by the backside switch.

The latest Mosaic app version is 1.1.3.

Alternatively, if you know your Bartók’s IP address -if it is connected over ethernet- , open your browser and type your IP address, in order to connect to your Bartók (e.g. http://192.168.178.xyz), select Device Settings from the top menu, and under Internet Update click the Check for update button.


Went to the ip address and selected internet update and that said no update available. The mosaic app is version 1.1.3 I even Uninstalled and reinstalled just in case same issue. The mosaic app sees the Bartok but has a caution symbol and says that the bartok requires an update but then says there is not one available

You need attention from dCS, so I add their tags @James @Andrew @Bashcroft and hope they will contact you here or by PM.

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Ermos is right . You will need dCS input.

Checking dCS Software History & Documentation:

There have been no update releases issued yet for Bartok. So I am guessing ( it is only a guess) that you or someone may have updated the Mosaic app v.1.1.2 to v.1.1.3 but not the corresponding Mosaic firmware in Bartok itself which is what it is looking for. I am unaware whether the availability of the update may have expired or has otherwise become unavailable. You can check to see if this is on the right track by looking at the network board version using either Mosaic or via the front panel display menu. This should also be 1.1.3.

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Mike, are you behind a firewall or Internet filtering service of some kind? :thinking: If so, temporarily disable those, connect directly to the Internet, and try updating the firmware again.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Try going back to the IP address in a web browser and selecting “Reset Streaming Interface” - this may well then allow you to update the unit correctly.

Be aware that doing this will log you out of streaming services and remove any saved Mosaic playlists (it won’t affect your streaming services playlists, like those on TIDAL).

As Anup says above, temporarily disabling your firewall or internet filtering if used will also be well worth doing.

Reset streaming several times no firewalls or filtering. App say Bartok needs update. Check for update with the app and app says no updates available. Is there another way to install the desired update?

If you reset the streaming interface via the Bartok’s home web page via your computer browser as per @James advice then he may need to contact you further if it didn’t work. Just to let you know that the factory is now closed for the holidays and won’t be back until 4th January. So I am afraid that you may need to wait until then.

Just for clarification Bartok is still v.1.0.0. Any requested update that Mosaic shows on its Support/Versions screen is probably in respect of the Network Board and for Mosaic as that has been updated albeit some months ago. Did you check this as I suggested earlier? I am guessing that you still may have Network Board v.1.1.2. I don’t like the thought of you not having any music over Christmas/New Year so in the meantime please try powering off Bartok from the rear panel switch, not the front panel button. This will reset it when powered up. Then check if the update is still requested or, if so, remians unavailable. NB: to install an update you need to power Bartok down/reboot in this manner first anyway.

It’s been 2 and a half weeks since January fourth. Is there a solution. It just happens that both my Bartok and my network bridge have to completely different issues.

I think that we need to bring this to @James attention again, His earlier advice seems not to have worked so we have to move to the next stage.

Here at the Community forum we can really only suggest fixes that can be carried out at home mainly in relation to software issues . So this is only one path that is available to you. There is a kind of hierarchy of dCS support and outside of any quick fixes suggested here it starts with your dealer. Have you spoken with him?

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