dCS Bartok interference and noise from the right channel

hi there!
I’ve just bought used dCS Bartok and can hear interference and noise from the right channel
Video - https://www.icloud.com/photos/#04ak0EoXHDR_ODMjmDsnfT63A
It’s getting noticeable when changing volume
I tried both XLR and RCA, it’s the same
I did factory reset but it didn’t help
My speakers are completely silent with the same amp and old DAC
What should I do? I have no dealer close… Maybe someone can share the firmware file so I can re-flash it?

Hi Dmitry and welcome to the forum.

Your issue is unusual and nothing immediate occurs to me . The video that you kindly posted indicates something that I have not come across before as superficially to me it sounds like what is called “zipper noise” made as you alter volume.

I will tag @Phil at dCS on this unusual matter and would suggest that you email him at [email protected]


Hi Dimitry,

Thank you for raising this issue - if you contact me at [email protected] then I will help with this as far as I can but I am quite sure that reflashing the firmware isn’t going to resolve this issue. I think this is something that will require a service centre I’m afraid.

(Edited to add - I see you have already sent in a message to support@ which I have replied to…)

Best Regards

Phil Harris