Dcs Bartok Crash with Roon by playing the Beauty and the Beast MOS (MQA on TIDAL)


I have found an issue that will crash the Bartok DAC with ROON when you play the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MOVICE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (TIDAL) MQA version.

You will find the the playback becomes strange and the DAC is freeze.

You have to switch off the DAC manually.

One of my friends with Bartok got the same issue as me. Please try by yourself.

dCS support, please check what is causing this issue too. Thank you.

We’re looking into this, and as far as we can tell at this point there is likely an issue with the file that Roon is pulling from Tidal. We aren’t seeing the same issue with the same album played via Mosaic, but that is likely due to Mosaic using a different part of Tidal’s content delivery network than Roon.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a wacky files on parts of Tidal’s CDN.

We have identified the source of this issue and it should be resolved in the next software release for the Bartók and Rossini. The issue is not present on Vivaldi.

As a temporary workaround, you should be able to play this album via Roon without any issues if you turn the display of the unit off. You can also playback the album via Mosaic with no problems.

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