dCS Bartok and Network Switch

Hi guys

I have a question regarding the use of Ethernet connection to my dCS Bartok.

Currently I have the below in place.

  • Ethernet cable running out of the wall into a Bonn N8 Silent Angel switch.
  • Ethernet coming out of the switch into the back of the Bartok.

At my Router side I have the below.

  • Synology NAS with local stored files.
  • Unifi Dream Pro running Fibre Optic to my SoTM network switch.
  • Fibre Optic from SoTM to a Optic Converter then Ethernet into my Roon Nucleus +

I have heard that I would benefit by having my SoTM in my hifi rack instead of the Bonn N8

Just wondering what you guys think is the best way possible for streaming to the Bartok

Regards Barry

Barry, it’s a little unclear how your Bonn N8 is connected to the rest of your network; to your Router though the wall? Or why you need a SoTM switch at all since the UniFi has cages for SFP modules :thinking:

But if anything, I would move the fibre optic link to the Bartok - where it might benefit the most - instead of the Roon Server, and just connect your Roon Server directly over CAT6 to the Unifi Dream Pro.

Thanks Anup
The Bonn N8 is connected from Ethernet cable coming out of my wall.
I will try moving the Optic link across to the Bartok.

Regards Barry