dCS at High End Munich 2024

Next month, from 9 - 12 May, 2024 dCS will join the High End Munich show:

What are your predictions of what we can expect to see from dCS? The Vivaldi successor? Vivaldi and Rossini 3.0? Mosaic 2.0? Other novelties?


Hopefully both…
Plus, DSD 256 capability…


I don’t see any advantage in trying to second guess dCS. How may people predicted Apex a couple of years ago?

There would be no point in dCS revealing what they intend ( if anything) before the actual launch. So whilst we could all imagine all sorts of things, as the show is only a little over 4 weeks away, I prefer to practice a little patience.

Please don’t take predictions too literally. Expressing hope is fine too :wink:


Well at the hifi deluxe show it was mentioned that some new updates would be along shortly for us all.
I took that to be some new software updates with how it was briefly mentioned when asked.

As really there should be a more definite line between models as the bartock/rossini are far to close these days.
So maybe some new filers / maps for the vivaldi. Call it 3.0
Then the rossini could get the filters / mapping from what the vivaldi has now.
But hopefully some new bits for the mosaic app.
But we do know for certain that the apex upgrade board has opened the door for future upgrades, so hopefully we might start to see them coming through.
Also be great if they could make use of the remote more for streaming rather than cd.

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Guess we will have to wait and see. I suspect there will be a firmware update with possibly higher DSD rates?

Will be interesting to see where dCS goes next. The on screen UX for the Vivaldi, Rossini and Bartok appears rather dated when compared to the Lina - would be nice to see an update.


There is a Munich hifi show every year. Therefore it is possible that dCS as many other hifi manufacturers have nothing new to show.
However dCS themselves talked about a new release of Mosaic. So, a new software release is not unrealistic. Support of DSD 256 would be nice…


dCS suddenly seems to have removed their announcement for attending the High End Munich 2024…


An error? @Phil

I really hope not as the guys have been busy putting together all the kit and customs documents for the last couple of weeks, the rooms have been booked for the last year and we’re taking loads of kit over for other manufacturers to use on their stands too … :slight_smile:

I shall flag it to marketing.


Thanks @Phil :ok_hand:

Looks like an error. As Phil says the team are fully prepared and we’re all excited to be going.

Thanks for letting us know.




Friendly fyi, link still down as of 23:26 California time on Saturday, 4/13/24 (= 06:26 GMT Sunday, 4/14/24).

Many thanks. The team are resolving this now.

Appreciate you all having our backs, great community!

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Resolved, with a slightly different link:


I would be happy with Qobuz direct.

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Maybe I am an old geezer who doesn’t understand things any more but I thought Qobuz via Mosaic is direct?

There is no sound information that comes via the Mosaic app on your phone or tablet. When a title is requested by the app the sound data does not pass through the app but is sent directly via the internet from the Qobuz server to the streaming board in the dCS DAC or Upsampler.

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The Mosaic interface isn’t nearly as nice.

I am mostly a Roon user, but while traveling or in the car I often use the Qobuz app. It’s become quite nice.

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Vince it’s mostly a Qobuz development issue though, less so dCS.

When Tidal launched connect, it didn’t take dCS long to support. I’d expect the same once Qobuz launches the capability.

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Qobuz direct means that you don’t use neither Mosaic nor Roon but rather the Qobuz app which is able to connect to the dCS streamer/upsampler…If I can choose between Qobuz connect or direct and Tidal max handling and DsD 256 handling, I definitely choose the last two over using the Qobuz app to stream on dCS gear…

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Of course one can do this via Qobuz player apps installed on computer or mobile device. However the penalty is for sound quality as you end up having to use USB to connect.

I guess that one could have a feature where the Mosaic Services option could open a native type Qobuz player. I have something similar via my Asttell & Kern DAP. Of course I can only listen to it via the DAP or route the DAP output to Vivaldi via USB by this is not ideal, at least from an SQ stance. However such a choice undermines the logic of the Mosaic platform which is cleverly designed to cater for various sources.