dCS : any opportunities of Leedh Processing?

Hello, I open this discussion as I experienced during the past 2 years a very interesting experience with Leedh (I own the Leedh E2 Glass) and its « Leedh Processing ». This is all about improving the digital volume that is mainly poor in all the brands including ones managing the volume on 32, 64 and even 69 bits. I tested few months ago a demo board onboarding the Leedh Processing and the result was huge compared to the pre of my integrated amplifier. After having heard it on different systems I really think it is a killing solution (software).
So my question is to understand if there is some opportunities that dCS is investing time in this opportunity ? From my side it would push me to move to mono amplifier instead of my integrated and use the dCS vivaldi volume instead.

Thanks for your feedback