dCS Announces Vivaldi One APEX

They are only making fifty, so if you want one, order quickly:

Just 50 units will be available, all in anodised silver—a classic dCS finish. The system will be unveiled at the 2022 Munich High-End show, and dCS will host demonstrations throughout the four-day event.

Vivaldi One APEX

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price tag?
ok,just checked the tag…the old one has 55k… :face_with_peeking_eye:

And the new price is…. ?

Just seen the web page now says they’re available in black too (if you can afford one!)

£76 K, That rules me out then lol

It’s a lot, but still falls between the price of a Rossini Player + Rossini Clock or (Rossini DAC + Rossini Transport + Rossini Clock) and the price of a full Vivaldi Stack, plus the One’s transport can play SACDs unlike the Rossini Player’s.

However, with only fifty being made available worldwide, I wonder if dealers will be charging any extra like car dealers do.

It might sit nicely in the range, but that doesn’t stop it still being out for me

I hear you, it’s out of my price range as well.

Would love one still

I’m curious why the Vivaldi One is so limited.

Are they too expensive to produce? Is demand limited? Do they eat into full-stack Vivaldi sales? Are they just for marketing milestones?

I find the simplicity very compelling. I would love one (throw in a headphone amp, too!) but I can’t justify spending that much on this one hobby.

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I believe one reason is the limited availability of the Esoteric sourced transport. At one point I had heard that Esoteric would not provide any more and whatever dCS had on hand would cover a limited run plus whatever is needed to maintain some inventory to cover replacement units for warranty issues. Maybe that is just BS, Dunno.


The Vivaldi range was launched in late 2012, nearly ten years ago. The original Vivaldi One was launched in mid 2017, about five years ago. I look at the Vivaldi One APEX as a collector’s item for the true connoisseur. Personally, I would rather wait for a next generation product to benefit from the full lifecycle of that generation.

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Unless I’m mistaken, Bill, you might actually prefer your own system to the Vivaldi One.

The one piece from the four-box Vivaldi stack that is NOT included in the Vivaldi One’s innards is the Vivaldi Clock.

Unless that’s changed from the pre-Apex version, in which case I’ll shut up :slight_smile:

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Vivaldi One is actually 2 boxes, Vivaldi One + Vivaldi Clock.

Vivaldi One is great on its own, but you need the clock (with good clock cables) to get the “magic”.

That said, Vivaldi One + Clock sounds fantastic, you don’t miss the analogue rig.

… and mine is not yet Apex

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Does the price include the Clock, @Manelus?

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No the clock is extra

No, as Duncan says, clock comes apart.
And I can’t imagine someone spending that big money and not having the clock, so in practice you must add 17k pounds (or equivalent) for the clock. … 76k+17k = 93k … + cables.

It makes sense. Esoteric transports are NOS, very limited in number.
If so, only a drop in Vivaldi Transport expected sales could have made possible these 50 Vivaldi One units, … just speculating :thinking:

For me its a shame they dont do a rossini or vivaldi with streamer and clock built in and forget the transport, i have a rossini player but don’t use the cd player at all

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Then why did you buy a Rossini Player rather than just a Rossini?

A Rossini Player is just a Rossini DAC with a transport (the very reason I did choose one, because i have several hundred physical CDs that I still play by putting a disc in a transport and the Rossini DAC + Rossini Transport is US $21,000 more than the Rossini Player, which is itself US $4000 more than the Rossini DAC.)