DAC not powering off properly, and sporadically blowing the fuse when reconnecting power cable

Dear Sirs!

I am an owner of Scarlatti stack (transport, DAC and clock)!

When properly functioning, as soon I power off the equipment (hold on the power button), I used to hear an internal disconnect noise (probably a relay) in all units, after the display shows “power off”, turning the equipment off!

My DAC has stopped to do it! Instead, the display turns off after showing “power off”, but few seconds after, it turn on again with the message “power off”, and remains like that indefinitely.
If I disconnect the power cable from the outlet, when returning it for listening, the fuse blows sporadically (I had lost 2 fuses in one month).

Do you have an idea how to solve it?

Thank you!

My immediate thought is that you need to reset the units by turning off the power using the power switch at the rear. I do not understand why you seem to be turning off the power supply to the unit by pulling the power cable from the outlet instead. So when you put the power cable back the power switch is still on and maybe ( maybe) that is why you are blowing fuses.

Hi Pete!

I really had not written this step, but, as soon the DAC remains with “power off” message indefinitely, I switch off the rear power switch always, before disconnecting the power cable.
But, even with the switch off, when I connect the power cable back to the outlet, it is possible to hear the fuse blowing.

Thank you!

Thanks for the additional information Patrick.

This is beginning to sound like it may be a hardware problem. Components like relays have long service lives but as your Scarlatti could be 13 years old if it is an early piece it may well need attention from dCS. Such issues are not really possible to fix solely via online advice. However the odd thing would be if, as I currently understand things, it is occurring with all 4 components. That would be an unlikely coincidence. Is it just the DAC?

It would be of assistance if you would kindly add your location to your profile as one of the dCS engineers here may pick up on the issue and it may help him to know where would be your best local point of service.

Hi @Patrick, welcome to the forum!

As Pete has rightfully said, you appear to have a Hardware problem here. Judging by the fact that the fuses are being blown it may of been caused by a spike from your mains voltage.

If you bought your Scarlatti system from a dealer, I advise you to contact them who will be able to facilitate it’s repair.

I am going to PM you where I will assist further.

Thank you,


Hi Pete,

It is only the DAC, which it is presenting this problem! It is working properly, but sometimes I have this problem with the fuse blowing when connecting the power cord to the outlet, and the rear switch is turn off - very tricky problem :).
And I had noticed this behavior started after stop hearing the mechanical disconnect noise, that all dCS equipment (I had Debussy and Paganini before) do when powering off, holding the power button.

My location has been updated!

Hi Ben,

I think the mains voltage is OK, as all other equipment work properly, and the current audition room is 9 months old, without any change to the system.

I had bought it from an official dealer, but it seems they are not a dealer nowadays.

Thank you!