Curious to know what type of cables and connections you are using for your dcs setup?

Curious to know what type of cables and connections you are using for your dcs setup? Any tweaks that have made a difference?

These days I’m using Acrolink for power, digital and analog and clock cables. Network cables are from Meicord. I have a couple Oyaide and Furutech power cables for various other components as well, and Oyaide power outlets.

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Complete wiring loom of Cardas Clear Beyond

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Audioquest for power, Transparent Reference for all the rest, except clock cable from Sotm and Chord for my Linn LP12.

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Ansuz D2 power cord, Ansuz XLR analog interconnects, sablon ethernet, Ansuz D2 Mainz 8, Ansuz Darkz DTC

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Currently using some high-end HFC cables to power my headphone setup, but likely to move to Shunyata Omega QR’s. The HFC’s will then get moved to my Meridian speakers.

For digital signals, I currently use the AudioQuest Diamonds, with the exception of the Rossini clock which uses Black Cat. I’m told the Shunyata cables are worth trying… which I want to do at some point.

For filtering I’m using a Shunyata Triton/Typhon combo for power and a muon for Ethernet.

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MCRU no.77 power cables
Naim DC1 for clocks
Audioquest diamond ethernet
Witchhat Morgana interconnect

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Network Acoustics MUON Ethernet filter and cable for Rossini Apex DAC, into Chord EE8 switch.

Chord Sarum T from EE8 to router.

Chordmusic XLR from DAC to D’Agostino Amplifier.

Chordmusic Speaker cables.

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For me it’s Shunyata alpha for power cables and Transparent reference (lo z) for interconnects and speaker cables. I really don’t want to be a believer in high end digital cables so use ‘run of the mill Ethernet cat 5e and modified (re-terminated) Transparent digital cables for my Rossini clock.


Stock mains and clock cables. Professional XLR cables to amp.

I’m tight fisted when it comes to cables… :wink:

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Rossini APEX > Chord Music RCA/DIN > Naim 552
Rossini Clock > Black Cat Mini Tron Clock > Rossini APEX
LP12 > Chord Music RCA/DIN > Naim 552

PowerStar Horizon MKII Distributor to Rossini APEX – Vertere HB Mains Reference Power Cable
PowerStar Horizon MKII Distributor to Rossini Master Clock – Vertere HB Mains Reference PC
Rossini Master Clock to Rossini APEX – AudioQuest WEL Signature Digital Coax Cables
Rossini APEX DAC to Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated – Infigo Signature Series Premium XLRs

Power Cables:
industry standard 3x1mm² with Schuko or Swiss plug
(3x0.75mm² would be sufficient for 230V given the smaller currents)
Network Cables:
industry standard CAT.5, CAT.6A
Accuphase HS-Link Cable:
Audioquest Diamond Ethernet RJ/E (CAT.7)
Mogami 3080 with Neutrik NC3FXCC and NC3MXCC (requires crimping tool for screen)
custom confected by myself
Contrik NX0628BTGN*-BL (*=length)
Cable: Draka 0.6/2.8 AF FRNC (solid copper, double screen)
Plugs: Neutrik NBNC75BFG7 75Ω rearTWIST HD BNC
Analog XLR:
Audioquest WEL Signature
Analog RCA:
Accuphase ASL-10
Microphone Cables:
Mogami 2534 Neglex Quad with Neutrik NC3FXX and NC3MXX
Mogami 2549 Neglex with Neutrik NC3FX and NC3MX
custom confected by myself

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My current setup uses:

  • Cardas Clear XLR interlinks between my Rossini, Ayre KX5 Twenty and Stax DMA X2
  • Nordost Frey 2 tonearm cable from my Kuzma 4P arm
  • Audioquest Oak speaker cable
  • Audioquest Blizzard and Monsoon power cables connected to a Niagara 5000 conditioner

I’ve experimented a lot with interlinks in the past. I find that this is an ideal component to do some final tweaks to my system. Since changing my Ayre V1xe poweramp for the Stax DMA X2 that I finally found, I don’t feel any need for tweaking for the time being. with the mentioned cables I believe I have found a balance that is perfect to my taste.

I use Shunyata Sigma and Alpha from my dCS stack to my Shunyata Everest. I use Shunyata AES/EBU between Vivaldi and my D’Agostino pre-amp. On my amps and pre-amp and turntable use Transparent Opus.

I’m curious about a slightly adjacent question: how many of you did direct comparisons of similarly priced cables in your system before settling on the ones you are using?

I’m using Nordost (Tyr XLR, Frey 2 speaker) and Shunyata (Alpha EF AC cables). I’m happy with them, and I did direct comparisons with inexpensive alternatives to satisfy myself that i could hear a clear difference, but I’ve not had the resources and time to compare them to others of the same caliber. I’m curious whether others have taken the cable optimizing more seriously, or whether most generally go with what sounds good, without a bunch of comparisons?

This is an update of my comments from another thread.
I have recently replaced all of my Transparent Audio Super Interconnects and speaker cables with Transparent Audio Reference (pre loved). I was very pleased with the result and anticipated going full loom with power cords as well. I borrowed two C19 Transparent Audio Reference power cords and noticed that they had “middle of the road” Furutech UK plugs attached (the same plugs as I had used for my own home made cables many years ago). This was a huge disapointment and I’m sure affected my listening experience detrimentally. This experience is in full support of the post of @Zapp and comments of perception. Consequently I took the loan offer of two C19 Shunyata Alpha NR cables (also extensive reading on how the connectors are cold welded to the cables). They were amazing …
I have now replaced all of my power cords to Shunyata Alpha NR. The difference is profound (but really only in the bass response).
The only real A/B test I made is that I purchased two highish end Y interconnect cables to compare Transprent Super gen 5 cable against the previous generation Super MM2. There was really NO audible difference. This led me to believe that I was fine investing in second hand Transparent Reference MM2 interconnects and Speaker cables.

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Shunyata for power (forget the model)
Cardas Parsec for clock → DAC (custom 0.5m length)
Kondo Ls-41 silver interconnect for DAC → amp
Network: optical ethernet → RoboFIBER bridge → SoTM IsoCat → Loop ethernet jack in Rossini (to force 100mbps ethernet speed) - I use Roon over RAAT

Digital cables (USB, Ethernet, clock) - Shunyata Omega

Power - various Shunyata, mostly Alpha, into Everest

Analog - mixture of Transparent Audio Reference and Ultra

Well, you asked…

Preamp to amps. Stealth Sakra V16
Preamp to subs. Stealth Swift XLR
Preamp to DAC. Stealth Sakra XLR
Upsampler to DAC. Nordost Valhalla 2 AES/EBU
Clock to DAC. Stealth Octava BNC (44.1 hz) and Nordost Valhalla 1 BNC (48 hz)
Clock to Upsampler. Stealth Octava BNC (44.1 hz) and Nordost Valhalla 1 BNC (48 hz)
Macmini to DAC. Stealth USB
Wall to Ethernet switch. Audioquest Diamond
Ethernet switch to DAC. Audioquest Diamond
Ethernet switch to Macmini. Blue Jeans Cable
Modem to Ethernet female connector. Audioquest Diamond
NAS to modem. Audioquest Vodka

A hodgepodge of cabling; have thought about standardizing a bit, but the return on a huge investment to get all from same source is daunting, and not sure if I’d get appreciable improvement. In the end, it all sounds superb so why change it?