Correct connections between Vivaldi dac and Vivaldi upsampler?

I own a Vivaldi Dac ( rel.2.0 ) and Vivaldi upsampler ( rel.1.0). Now they are connected in this way: Dac worldclock OUT to worldclock IN1 of the upsampler. Dac displays AES1+2 and A. Upsampler displays USB1 and M. In addition the Oyaide cable used between the two must have a particular direction indicated by the arrows on it ?
Thanks for answer.

You’ll want to change the Sync Mode setting on the Upsampler to W1 so that it accepts the clock from the DAC, and make sure that the Sync Mode setting on the DAC is set to Universal Master (an M with a globe behind it). You need to do this for each individual source if you’re using more than one.

Which sources are you using into the system?

For the audio connection between the two units, are you using AES1+2 (with 2x XLR leads)?

Thanks James. I am using files stored to an external HD. Mac mini is the computer + the new Audirvana 3.5.
Yes I am using AES1+2 with 2x XLR leads by Shuniata.
I have to respect the arrows indicated on Oyaide?

I have in mind to upgrade the hardware on the upsampler to benefit loading files from Tidal o similar.

In that case, you will want to make sure that you select the correct input (USB?) for the Upsampler, then go to the Menu and select Settings, set Sync Mode to W1 and Dual AES to Yes (the tick).

In the DAC settings, go to the Menu and select DAC settings. As before make sure the Sync Mode Is set to Universal Master Mode, then change whichever Dual AES ports the Upsampler is connected to (either 1+2 or 3+4) to Auto.

For the direction arrows on your cables, some manufacturers put these on to indicate the data flow direction when the cables are burned in, or to indicate the grain of the core material from the manufacturing process. You don’t have to connect them this way, but it can’t hurt; I think I would arrange them correctly for aesthetic if nothing else!
Data flow for the clock cable goes from the DAC to the Upsampler, and for the audio cables goes from the Upsampler to the DAC, so you can connect them with the arrows facing this way.

Very Helpfull James. Indeed. Thanks

I would like to upgrade my Vivaldi Upsampler shipping it to Uk and not to the local dealer.
Can you help me please?

Hi Piero,

All upgrades on dCS products are arranged through our authorised distribution network. If you get in touch with your local distributor, they will be able to arrange for the work to be carried out.

Your local distributor looks to be Audio Natali, you can find their details here:

Hi James,
thks for reply. For personal reason I would prefer do not contact Audio Natali. So there is no way to ship the upsampler to you or to a European Dcs dealer? If really not, I am obliged to sell Vivaldi Upsampler + Vivaldi Dac. It is a pity because I love them so much and I appreciate your support. Please do your best to have this upgrade.
By the way how much for the upsampler upgrade?

Hi Piero,

If you can kindly send an email to, my colleagues in the Sales team will be able to assist from there.

Hi James,
sent the email last week but no response yet. I can wait, no problem.
A further question please ( sorry for my English and my poor acknowlegd of internet language):
I own a Vivaldi Dac ( rel.2.0 ) and Vivaldi Upsampler ( rel.1.0) NOT upgraded so without network.
My source now is an external HD with aiff files linked to Mac Mini (used as server) and linked to the upsampler via USB. I would like to stream from internet ( Qobuzz or Tidal ). So sometime my source will be the HD and sometime my source will be internet. Not upgrading the upsampler and buying the Bridge I will miss one of the two possibilities also in terms of sound quality? How to connect the Bridge , to the Dac or to the Upsampler via double Aes Ebu?
Thanks so much for reply

My mistake entirely, I missed out a letter from the email address! I have edited the comment, but for clarity you should email

Comparing the Network Bridge and an upgrade to the Vivaldi Upsampler, the Upsampler upgrade will be both a simpler and neater solution with less cables as well as one which gives audio improvements across your whole system. As the Vivaldi Upsampler is the flagship product, upgrading it to v2.0 gives it higher quality network and USB interfaces than the Network Bridge, so will give improvements both to Qobuz and Tidal as well as your HDD/Mac mini.

If you go the route of the Network Bridge, you will connect it to the Upsampler via SPDIF for sample rates below 192kHz and then to the DAC via Dual AES for sample rates over 192kHz or DSD. This means potentially needing to source some additional cables for your system as well.

Long story short, the Upsampler upgrade is better quality and neater with less cables!

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Thanks James. Finally, I ordered the Vivaldi Upsampler’s update 2 days ago. Four weeks to have it…
So long?

Seems short ( I don’t know what country that you are in). I ordered a Vivaldi Upsampler in January. It reached my dealer this week ( 10 weeks after order). I am in dCS’ home country. Prediction was 12 weeks to delivery. You are lucky.

Remember that dCS is not Panasonic or LG. It makes a relatively small number of products monthly ( 130?) to the highest standards with a QC process lasting days for each one before it is signed off. Every single item is tested then listened to and has to be signed off by three staff members from other areas of the company to those that built it.

This little video may help get you in the zone:

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