Control4 Power Control for Rossini Apex Player

Absolutely delighted with my Rossini Apex Player and Clock and my dealer has managed to integrate ii into my Control4 system, with one exception around Power control. He has managed to replicate putting into Standby (2 second press on the dCS IR remote) but despite trying lots of different things cannot wake it (‘normal’ press on the dCS IR remote). Normally you can teach Control4 IR commands but this doesn’t seem to work with the dCS IR remote.

Very grateful for any suggestions.


Hi Lewis, welcome to the forum.

Has your dealer looked through the dCS Remote Control Codes? There’s an explicit RC5 code for “Wake” (Rossini’s is same as that for the Vivaldi DAC);


I believe I’ve been speaking with your installer about this … the IR remote works fine and the codes in the document are fine too. The problem seems to be the C4 kit learning / sending the IR codes so I did refer them back to C4 who should be able to advise them on what the issue is.