Connecting Oppo 203 to Rossini question

i have my LG 65C8 connected to Oppo 203 by audioquest Vodka HDMI cable (ARC mode) and Oppo 203 connected to DCS Rossini by coaxial spdif cable, thats how i get sound while watching TV, Netflix and blu-rays.
Question is what settings should i choose in Oppo for my spdif to DCS connection- bitstream or LPCM (LPCM 48, 96,192 options) for best sound if my goal is to get closest sound to original soundtrack with minimum modifications, upsamplings an etc?

LPCM will be the one to use here.

Unless you are playing some content using SDIF2 or DSD (never come across Blu-Rays or TVs using these myself), bitstream on the Oppo will likely be referring to formats such as Dolby Digital. The Rossini will not work with these, so for compatibility and quality stick with LPCM.

With the sample rates, this is completely content dependent, Watching the news on your TV will likely be a different sample rate to a Blu-Ray, so there won’t be one perfect setting for all if you want to avoid the Oppo doing any upsampling or conversion.

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