Connect a Rossini cd player/dac/ streamer to a Vivaldi clock

Hi all. how many Bnc cables I have to use? which limitations I have compared to a Rossini clock, using Vivaldi clock?
Thanks for reply

You need two 75ohm BNC/BNC cables to connect any of the current dCS clocks ( i.e. Rossini or Vivaldi) to Rossini.

There is only one limitation that you will experience using a Vivaldi clock compared to a Rossini clock. Your wallet will be a lot lighter :smiley:. Oh, and the styling doesn’t quite match up as, aside from the Rossini’s fluting on the case curves, the blue “sleep” LED indicator which is on the right for Rossini is to the left on Vivaldi as the fascia power button is also on that side. Er…that’s it. Otherwise the Vivaldi is better.

thanks Pete :laughing: