Closing unused connections


Perhaps a strange question but I like to close unused connection on the rear of my dCS Lina network dac to prevent dust and maybe unwanted noise.
I’m not using a clock atm and the spdif 2 is unused as well.
Can I use a BNC close resistor (75ohm) like the one below in the link or does this give me problems? (Sorry I have an problem with dust…OCD issue.)

It’s a Dutch website sorry about that.

Vacuuming does the trick for me to keep the Lina and the black shelves where the units sit dust-free.

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Something like this would work

Shorting plugs can sometimes be used successfully on analogue inputs. However you do not want to short outputs. I am unsure about digital ports as they usually work in and out.

The Cardas type are really covers rather than providing a short but perhaps someone with better technical knowledge than me can comment. So fine for dealing with dust but is that particular ssue real or just OCD? I’ll vote for the latter.

A cover will do the trick just fine, for me at least. Aren’t the cardas cover only for rca inputs?

Good point @PAR about the digital being outputs never thought of that.
Of course it’s all OCD for me but some people reported better SQ using covers on unused connectors because it supposedly stops noise from being injected.

My bartok came with covers for the network, USB and Toslink ports. So covers for some but not all connections. Is this standard for dCS? Very nice touch!


Audioquest makes a variety of caps for various jacks, but not BNC. To “cover” my OCD tendency, I use these BNC caps from Mouser (removed the chains):

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I think you can get them for bnc as well.

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You can indeed. I have many of them and the XLR variety. I used them on my solid state preamplification (ATC)but found any sq improvement either very minimal or non-existent to my ears. Others, ymmv.

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Thanks @SJF @lazyscott that is what I’m looking for. :+1:t2:

The USB and Network port “bungs” are there to protect the sockets from damage … they’re definitely not provided as any kind of sound quality enhancement. :slight_smile:

of course not! but you know what they are good for? Helping to find one’s way around the back of the dac to fit a cable into the correct port. I move stuff around occasionally and I hate pulling the dac out to fit cables!

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I noticed HABST cables not only offer very fine BNC digital clock cables but BNC & RCA termination as well.
Daniel Steinert - the owner - sent a a bunch of plugs to test. These plugs really make a difference in sound, improve staging, speed, bass control.
I ended up closing all open connections including RCA & XLR on my Rossini APEX.
The same on the Vivaldi Clock.

Finally Mr. Steinert even offered plugs for my MUTEC REF10 SE120, he was able to provide even plugs for the two 50 Ohm connectors. Even this made a strong impact, quite convincing.

Their homepage is still under construction but emal works fine: [email protected]

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The company offers 3 levels of these plugs, for me level 1 work best.