Clicks and pops

using Vivaldi upsampled + DAC + Clock. Every time the sample rate changes, the upsampled and DAC go mute -> unmute, and I hear some clicks and pops. Is this normal? Should I look into any configuration?

Is the clicks and pops in the electronics or the speakers? I assume in the electronics?

My TAD dac does some clicks when the sample rate switches and that is fully normal if this is the same case with a full dCS stack I dont know.

Both. I hear the electronics relays from the mute and unmute, and some pops from the speakers

Some audible clicks and pops will be generated on rate changes and other operations that modify the DSP processing chain. Activating the DAC’s buffer can reduce or eliminate these, but in some systems (especially those with DC-coupled downstream components) there’s no way to eliminate them completely. Nothing to be concerned about.

Thanks for the response. Could you bear with me a little more, and clarify what is a DC coupled component?

That’s a component capable of passing DC from input to output. Most manufacturers of amps or preamps that have this ability market it as a feature as it implies a more pure signal path. Simaudio and D’Agostino are two manufacturers who make DC coupled products. There are quite a few more than that.

Thanks again. I bet Nagra HD Preamp is DC coupled. I felt the clicks got louder when I swapped the AudioResearch Ref6 for the Nagra.

What else do you have in your system? Nagra HD Preamp must be something really special :slight_smile:

It really is. A huge difference in dynamics and detail.

As of today, the system is:
PSAudio P20 -> Vivaldi stack -> nagra HD preamp -> audio research ref160m -> boenicke W11SE (this last one brand new, replacing my old Kefs Blade2)

The synergy between the Nagra and the ARC tube amp is spectacular. No need to mention the qualities of the Vivaldi (I jumped to the Vivaldi from the PSAudio DirectStream. It is a whole new world).

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