Channel swap am I missing something

Hi, I use dcs network bridge.
Can anyone explain what the channel swap function is for? This function in the NB App and mosaic. Is this just inverting the left and right channels or am I missing something? Thanks

Seems to be what you suggest. Just flips the devices output w/o any need to make any physical changes. Of course, if you’re feeding a pre-amp, that only deals with the dCS source. Not sure if the NB and Mosaic correspond to each other. I’d expect they would, but in the case of the Vivaldi DAC, it has its own setting for this. A tad confusing. And it’s different than the Channel Check setting, which performs a different function to identify if there’s a wiring issue by send test tones out.


There is a fair amount of content out there that erroneously flips the left and right channels, and having a control in Mosaic is obviously much easier than having to swap cables. :smiley:

Can I just clarify that channel swap transposes the left and right channels to the right and left respectively (i.e. swaps the channels) whereas INVERTING the channels is done by the PHASE menu option…