CD tray on a Scarlatti transport

The CD tray on my Scarlatti transport does not open or close without me helping it thru its cycle. Does anyone have any reasons or suggestions for the issues? Thank you very much.

This is now quite an elderly transport and this type of fault is common with many types of mechanism of advanced age.

Some of this type of fault is caused by the mechanics of the loading mechanism, some by electro/mechanical things like failures of microswitches which in some designs are activated by the drawer. I could not suggest what may apply here.

I have no precise idea except that this kind of thing is not all that likely to be amenable to being fixed by anything you can do at home. I am assuming that you do not have particular expertise in disassembling the Esoteric mechanism, replacing belts , cleaning pulleys etc.Therefore I would suggest you now having a word with your dealer or distributor.

Now that you are here I hope you will enjoy the forum which is a friendly place full of ( I hope) good advice.

Thanks for the advice. I will contact my dealer.
Have a nice weekend.