CD ripping metadata issue

Hi i am not sure anyone had ask this before,

i am ripping my CD with dBpoweramp, there is no issue with English CD but having an issue for Japanese and Chinese CD.

my Vivaldi upsampler and Mosaic app doesn’t support those Japanese and Chinese wording, it shown ???.wav only

but i using itunes to rip the CD is OK, vivaldi and mosaic can see the Japanese and Chinese wording without any issue.

so may i know how should i settle this issue on dBpoweramp ripping CD

Thanks and enjoy

Hi KC,

Welcome to the dCS forums…

This may be a question better posted on the dBpoweramp forums if you haven’t done so already … unfortunately I have never used dBpoweramp for ripping Japanese and Chinese CDs so it’s not an issue I’ve hit myself.

Best Regards