Can't upgrade Rossini

Have Rossini DAC Front Panel and Control board 2.00, Network 500 and App 1.4.10.
Mosaic report “Update required” but Check for Updates goes nowhere, keeps returning when pressed.

In DCS control app check for updates reports: Firmware Update download failed!

Unit is connected to web, used as Roon endpoint; functions fine in Roon.

What am I missing?


Could you give me a rundown of how your Rossini is connected to the network?
Is it plugged directly into the router, via a network switch etc.?

Thanks for the quick response.

The network is fairly complex. The dcs is connected to a switch, from there is a security router (using the software Untangle), through that to the modem and out to isp.
I thought about trying to go directly through modem but the wifi (uses a WAP connected to the same switch) would not see the unit.
I have a lot of options in the router software if there is something I can do there.


  1. Is the modem purely a modem or is it also another router with a modem built in (like an Internet Service Provider router)? The first thing to try is simplifying the connection between the Rossini and the internet as much as possible, as firewalls etc. in the security router might be stopping the update from going through.
    If possible, connect the Rossini to the switch and the switch to the main router temporarily, then try the update again. Any change?
  2. If this does not go through with the above or you cannot connect to the first router, grab a device with a web browser on the same network and enter the IP address of the Rossini in a web browser. This brings up a web settings page. Navigate to the “Device Settings” tab at the top of the screen and look for the Internet Update section.
    Are you able to update the unit correctly through here?

Hi James
Thanks for your help, I got it to work.
Untangle Web Filter application was blocking access to the update site as a ‘parked domain’ I just had to write a rule to allow it through and I was able to access. Completed the update successfully and left the rule in place so now it correctly checks for possible updates.

Your initial question was the trigger I needed to dig for the site blocking.

Thanks very much for you help.

Glad to hear you got it working!

You may well need to run the update twice. The first successful update will bring you to an intermediary version. This then supports the update to the latest version (2.01).