CanJam NYC 2023: What's dCS showing?

I see dCS is a sponsor at CanJam 2023. Showing anything interesting?

At 52min17sec is the dCS part. Just click below to start there:

Here is the full index list:

@miguelito Check out the Abyss section: new earpads for your Diana :call_me_hand:

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Ok amazing! I will be there Sunday.

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Have fun, and if you have news to report… thanks in advance.

As the thread title asks what dCS are showing:

No surprise !

BTW dCS emailed me this so I am guessing that you haven’t signed up to the newsletter. I hope you enjoy the show. I am a few thousand miles and an ocean away though.

Be sure to stop by and say hi, it would be great to put a face to a name (moreso than a profile pic anyway)!

We will have 5 Lina systems, 3 with the Clock and 2 without. Good mix of headphones, including the Meze Elite & Empyrean, Audeze LCD-5 and LCD-4z, Sennheiser HD800, Abyss 1266, and more I am likely forgetting.
I believe we are also going to have the 2022 Utopia, some ZMF planars and Spirit Torino Valkyria. A little birdie told me the good folks at HRS may be sending us something cool to use for the show, though don’t hold me to that…

You’re more than welcome to bring along anything else you’d like to try though, including source files if there’s anything you’d like to listen to outside of streaming.


Awesome. Looking forward to it!

Great lineup. What would be super-cool would be a Vivaldi w/ Expanse. Just sayin’.

More info here. CanJam is across the country for me, but I’ve got local family and would be there were it not for celebrating my dad’s 92d birthday that same weekend.

Whoever is there, enjoy!


Great lineup. What would be super-cool would be a Vivaldi w/ Expanse. Just sayin’.

No,no,no ! You already have a MSB system for your headphone, if you put a 4 boxes Vivaldi into your bedroom for headphones listening, you may have to reduce the size of your bed, and I don’t mention the risk to get your feet tangled in the cables…:face_with_peeking_eye:

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Great comment and as an aside this is one reason I decided to throw more money at my Linn Klimax DS and upgrade to Organik. While my Rossini APEX resides in the dedicated 2 channel room I listen to headphones (primarily STAX) in my bedroom. The slimline profile of the Linn is conducive to being used in a bedroom system. No need for a barrage of boxes and cables. Even the 3 box LINA is too much…… while me thinks the Linn with Organik will also have a leg up on it from a quality perspective


I have no use for headphones so from my perspective I would prefer dCS to focus on Vivaldi’s SQ. As I have noted elsewhere I have do desire for additional boxes and the associated cabling in my Vivaldi (or its replacement) set-up.

I hear that. I don’t think Expanse requires any new boxes or cabling for our Vivaldi stacks. I don’t want any of that either. But it would make the possibility of integrating some headphones into my living room very intriguing.

I am pretty certain Expanse is implemented in the DSP stack we all have. It was far from existence when Rossini came out and it is now there.

Surely Expanse can be made available to Vivaldi and I am pretty sure it will. You must all understand the tolerance for a hick-up is pretty low amongst this crowd so thorough testing is required and that takes time and effort.

Why Rossini first? Because of differentiation now that there’s an Apexed Bartok plus it is a bit of a stepping into the higher end market and see how it goes.


As I mentioned elsewhere, getting Apex first on Vivaldi made sense, while moving Expanse up from Bartok also makes sense to me. All good.

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@James if I may ask, is that a custom HRS EXR stand you guys are using for the Lina stack at CanJam NYC? :thinking:


Pretty sure that’s the (reasonably) new HRS EXR rack in a smaller size, Anup, as you say. And that it’s available to order as with all their other racks. Saw mention of it on a price list recently. Will go digging!

Yeah, here you go:


Thanks Ben! :grin:

The HRS stuff is so lovely. Just put a deposit in for two racks. Hurt. But so, so excited :blush:

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Yes sir, that is an HRS EXRH (I presume the H is for Headphone).

We had a productive day borrowing headphones from other manufacturers yesterday, so today we have on show:

  • Focal Utopia
  • Focal Utopia 2022
  • Focal Stellia
  • HifiMan Susvara
  • Spirit Torino Centauri
  • ZMF Caldera
  • Meze Elite
  • Meze Empyrean
  • Audeze LCD-5
  • Audeze MM-500
  • Abyss 1266
  • Sennheiser HD800S

If anyone is attending the show, be sure to stop by! :slight_smile:


Good to know, thanks James! :pray:t2::smiley: