Can USB2 on Rossini Player be renamed?

The manual gives the procedure for renaming the inputs on the Rossini Player via RS-232, but it just lists:

  • 0: AES1
  • 1: AES2
  • 2: AES1+2
  • 3: SPDIF1
  • 4: SPDIF2
  • 5: TOS
  • 6: Network
  • 7: USB1

Does the Rossini Player just have a three bit field for naming, or would doing a


work to name the USB2 input?

I know I could just try it, as if it only supports a three bit field then “NAME 8” would either generate an error or rename input 0, but I thought I’d ask first. :grin:

I thought I recognised that question. You asked it before on 7th July . Still no harm in asking again I suppose as I don’t think that you got a conclusive answer then.

Yeah, I got no answer then, was hoping the second time would be the charm as we get new Rossini owners all the time. :smiley:

I don’t have the Rosinni, but the Bartok has the same port configuration including a USB2 port. Had some time this morning to take a look. It looks like USB2 can’t be renamed, just the 7 other ports and AES1+2 (0-7). A “name 8 = xxx” results in an “Invalid Parameter”.

(FYI, the last line in the screen capture above is status update of Resetting the input names via the Bartok front-panel)

Thanks, I appreciate that!