Can my Network Bridge or Debussy still be fixed?

Can my newly acquired Network Bridge be repaired?

Hello, I am a new member and happy to have found this forum.

I recently acquired my Network Bridge and connected it to my Debussy. It was working fine for several hours. After leaving both units on, I got no sound the next day when the Debussy was set to SPDIF 1, but I still got sound when it was set to USB input. This is a list of factors that I believe might be relevant to my concern:

  • The Bridge is connected directly to my modem/router via ethernet and also connected
    from USB to my computer.

  • I streamed music from Audirvana Studio which recognized the Bridge as “[UPnP] dcs-
    network bridge” .

  • I also streamed from BubbleUPnP which also recognized the Bridge.

  • For comparison listening, I continually switched between both inputs and experienced
    no problems hearing music from both inputs.

  • When playing music using the Bridge, the Debussy displayed the input as SPDIF 1 and
    showed the correct sample rate. When the sample rate changed with the next track,
    the Debussy showed the new sample rate, but no audio. This tells me that the Bridge
    is sending the correct information to the Debussy, but is there other information not
    being sent from the Bridge to the DAC?

  • Audirvana and Bubble both showed that music was playing. Audirvana first showed that the track was being buffered before it showed the track progressing.

I don’t know if the issue is with the Debussy or with the Bridge. Could my connecting cable be the problem? All I have at this time is an old Monster digital cable. I also tried using my RCA interconnect. Both cables worked initially and I could hear audio, but now neither works.

If it’s not the cable, would I still be able to get my Debussy or Bridge repaired at a service facility in the US?

I tried turning both units off and disconnecting the cable and disconnecting the power cords, and then reconnecting.

Thanks for any help or advice. The Bridge was sounding wonderful until I stopped hearing audio.

Hi audioerry . Welcome to the forum. I think I will need to PM you on this to avoid a posting here which will probably cover matters that most members will already be aware of. It is evening here and I don’t have the time to contact you right now so I hope you will be patient with me until tomorrow.

As no doubt you are feeling frustrated I will say that I doubt that your Network Bridge is broken and reading your posting indicates that you may not be using it as intended - I will talk about that when I PM you.

As a general point dCS will support you even though the Bridge is now a legacy item. Of course parts for digital units do not remain in circulation for ever but all dCS units are designed to have a long working life though at this stage of things I doubt that you may need to have recourse to a service as I suspect that your unfamiliarity with Network Bridge is the cause.

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Thanks for your considerate reply, Pete. I will patiently await your PM.

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Both the Network Bridge and the Debussy are still repairable via our service centre in the USA if required - if you do need help with your problem (I see you are working through it with Pete) then please drop me an email at [email protected]

Best Regards

Phil Harris

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