Can Lina Stack IE Lina AMP make Susvara Shine or just Play Loud?


Any thoughts on the Lina Stack with “Susvara” HP. I have AB 1266 and it’s TOTL. However Susvara draws a fair number of contradictions in its performance with Lina AMP. One publication calls it a perfect match, others say it’s not a good pairing as Lina is low power, the opposite of what Susvara requires?

That said many time specs don’t tell the tale and the best engineered product can often out perform certain elements or parts of a product and what an AMP does. well…

Im really curious as to anyone who feels either way with Susvar experience and Lina AMP. The chain itself is outstanding on multiple levels, nevertheless less this one nagging audiophile questions follows

Hi Anthony,


It is sounding fantastic to me!

I have them and can say this, which is of course my opinion… most of the people knocking the pairing haven’t tried it.

I’ve seen people just looking at the specs and making a judgement on many forums and groups.

That said, they take the bulk of the Lina juice to shine but shine they do!

Could a more powerful amp do better? Maybe. But the pair is astounding imho and good better best is quite personal.

Wow…terrific comment. Thank you and I agree over all about the Lina pairing. That said I do wonder how a more powerful amp as this only 2W, which may be engineered to do the job I suspect , but is still quite low… I originally had a Bartok foe my HP’s. The Lina amp made a difference from the Bartok amp which had even less power. so there is something to be said on power when its fairly low @ 2 W.
Need to do a lot of listening…

Hi Judd,

Did you put the Lina amp on High Gain? I did, and my Lina amp’s Volume is never above the 11 o’clock position to drive my Susvara to the max (using the 6V balanced out at 0.0 dB from Rossini Apex, unbuffered in).

Hi Anthony,

Please read this:

The Lina amp is upto 4,5W, and:

From a drive perspective, our benchmark was to create an amplifier that could drive these insensitive ~60 ohm headphones at a continuous 120dB SPL, and to do so cleanly and without any clipping.

I do have the unit set to high gain and yes it’s able to play loud as described, but the “concern” by many is not volume per se but the Susvara’s reaching their potential with various amps.

I’m in the camp that they do reach it, it just takes more oomph than with some other amps but it is nonetheless amazing and fully capable.

Others disagree. I believe it’s largely subjective but that’s just my opinion.

To me, the Lina stack and HFMS are a match made in Heaven.

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Wow, Im in High Gain, 6V, unbalanced and I have to go to 2 o’clock for starters

The differences are: you are unbalanced out - in. Are you unbuffered in? Is your Lina DAC at max volume out: 0.0dB?

I’m XLR Balanced unbuffered Lina DAC /AMP. 6V high gain, max out 0.0dB. Did you mean I should use the unbalanced RCA?

No, but first you wrote: