Can a Scarlatti Upsampler used with Vivaldi dac?

Hi: I bought a used Vivaldi dac recently but upsampler not found in used market. Can I use Scarlatti upsampler to work with Vivaldi?

Hi Sunny and welcome to the community.

Yes and no.

The Vivaldi upsampler is quite different from the Scarlatti one and the two are not substitutional.

The Vivaldi Upsampler is not just what its title suggests. It is also the network hub of the Vivaldi system ( and the Vivaldi boxes have to be thought of as a system).

So although the Scarlatti upsampler will upsample it is not to all of the resolutions that the Vivaldi DAC can process. Further the Scarlatti has a fairly ( by today’s standards) rudimentary USB connection and does not provide the network connectivity that Vivaldi really requires and which allows use of Mosaic. I am also unsure of clocking synch with this combination as Scarlatti upsampler has only a single wordclock input (everything in the generation of dCS products after Scarlatti requires two independent ones to provide automatic frequency switching).

My view is that it will sort of work but is really not worth pursuing as it is too large a compromise.

Hi Par: thank you for the detailed explanation. You are an expert!