Cable for Bartok

if I have an all balanced circuit, between amplifier and Bartok, do I have any advantages in terms of quality? or just a bigger gain?

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pin 3 of the XLR connector is connected to pin 1 at the end of the cable furthest from the DAC
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thanks, but i didn’t understand this

I use Iconoclast UPOCC XLR gen 2. Very happy with this setup.

Me too with the Iconoclast UPOCC XLRs — very happy indeed.

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Then please just understand that connecting the balanced out of your Bartók to the balanced in of your amp, using proper balanced XLR cables, is giving the best results.

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There is a suspicion that it is Siltech inside, maybe… :thinking:
Griffon himself does not manufacture cables…

I have no idea if this is actually a Siltech cable, but if it is, not too bad at all.

Hi Simon,

I have the same setup, Bartok into a Diablo 300. I am using Siltech classic 770i XLR cables and very happy with it. If I were you I’d look at their newly released classic legend series.
If you’re interested in those cables, I can pass the details of my dealer as he’s been awesome in helping me setup my system.


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thanks, it would be interesting to make a comparison with the Nordost Tyr2 rca that I have, which are already a good level …

I believe I have good results as well because I am using the full siltech loom.
Depends what other cables you are using and which end result you want to achieve.
What’s the rest of your setup?

I have nordost valhalla 1 cables as power supply, tyr2 rca as signal and Heimdall2 for speakrs ( Gryphon Mojo) , I wanted to take advantage of the balanced circuit of the Gryphon now that I have the Bartok

then it might make sense for you to stay in the nordost line. Ask a dealer to test a pair of XLR?

yes, in fact my idea is to try the same Tyr2 in xlr version, even Silitech if it happens I’ll try them

I run ChordMusic XLR cables from the Bartók to a Stax headphone amp and am happy with the very organic and authentic result. The power cables connecting Bartók, Stax amp and Vivaldi clock to the power distributor are CordMusic too. As @Alchemist commented above, sticking to a brand or line makes sense. Otherwise we run the risk of getting lost while making cable choices for each connection.

In a former system I used to connect a Naim streamer to a Woo headphone amp using a Nordost Odin 2 RCA interconnect. Diminishing returns yes, but very nice. Ansuz Acoustics was founded by a former Nordost employee, so their cables might be worth a listen. I only know the direct comparison between the Nordost Odin 2 power chord and different Ansuz power chords. And in my ears the Ansuz power chords eclipsed the Nordost at lower price points.

i have an Ansuz c1 as a coaxial cable between naim cdx2 and bartok, a really nice result

which model of power chord Ansuz? I am now using Valhalla 1

In my system the run from the wall socket to the Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC power distributor is a D2 cable. Together with the ChordMusic power cables from the distributor to the gear I am more than satisfied. I feel no need to tinker with power delivery from here on. (Until further notice :crazy_face:)

Last year I sat in a demonstration run by two Ansuz employees. They plugged in the Odin 2 power chord for comparison. I don’t recall the model of the Ansuz power chord that started sounding better overall to my ears than the Odin, but it was less costly for sure.

Hi @simon68,
if you are interested, I have opened another thread similar to yours (I had not seen it).

Slight thread drift -

I use Atlas Mavros AES/SBU XLR to link my Network Bridge to Chord DAVE, and
Atlas Mavrox analogue XLR to link Chord DAVE to Chord Etude.

This is a recent change with which I am very content, the Atlas Mavros provide a slightly less bright presentation whilst retaining clarity when compared with other cables in this price range.

I am trialling the use of two Neutrik NADITBNC adaptors to increase the available bitrate via Dual AES out from the NB into BNC for the Dave, as per another thread on this forum. dCS Network Bridge with Chord Dave DAC - #2 by PAR