Cable for Bartok

Hello everybody,
I finally bought a Bartok and wanted to ask,
I have a Gryphon Diablo 300 and wanting to make the most of the amp’s balanced circuit, which xlr cable do you recommend?
I currently have a Nordost Tyr2 rca.
thank you all

Congrats with your new Bartók, and with your Diablo 300.

The Gryphon offer their own cables. Maybe a good idea to test them in your setup:

Guideline Reference Interconnect:

Of course there are myriads of other cables. Indeed go for balanced interconnects, set your budget, and find a dealer to listen, or better borrow, before you buy.

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Congratuations on the new Bartok! I currently run Tyr2 XLR direct from a Bartok into a Burmester power amp and am very pleased with the results.

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I guess that Nordost Tyr 2 Xlr are excellent? I have Transparent reference xlr in my system, very happy with it…but cables is a never ending story…Nordost was a good choice…so….

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thanks for the replies,
Gryphon cables I would forget, they are not found in second-hand and should be tried, I prefer to stay with Nordost, or Transparent.
Put some good rca / xlr adapters, could it be a good choice or not ??

Not a good choice. Your setup will not be balanced.

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that’s what I suspected …

if I have an all balanced circuit, between amplifier and Bartok, do I have any advantages in terms of quality? or just a bigger gain?

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pin 3 of the XLR connector is connected to pin 1 at the end of the cable furthest from the DAC
[/ quote]

thanks, but i didn’t understand this

I use Iconoclast UPOCC XLR gen 2. Very happy with this setup.

Me too with the Iconoclast UPOCC XLRs — very happy indeed.

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Then please just understand that connecting the balanced out of your Bartók to the balanced in of your amp, using proper balanced XLR cables, is giving the best results.

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There is a suspicion that it is Siltech inside, maybe… :thinking:
Griffon himself does not manufacture cables…

I have no idea if this is actually a Siltech cable, but if it is, not too bad at all.

Hi Simon,

I have the same setup, Bartok into a Diablo 300. I am using Siltech classic 770i XLR cables and very happy with it. If I were you I’d look at their newly released classic legend series.
If you’re interested in those cables, I can pass the details of my dealer as he’s been awesome in helping me setup my system.


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thanks, it would be interesting to make a comparison with the Nordost Tyr2 rca that I have, which are already a good level …

I believe I have good results as well because I am using the full siltech loom.
Depends what other cables you are using and which end result you want to achieve.
What’s the rest of your setup?

I have nordost valhalla 1 cables as power supply, tyr2 rca as signal and Heimdall2 for speakrs ( Gryphon Mojo) , I wanted to take advantage of the balanced circuit of the Gryphon now that I have the Bartok

then it might make sense for you to stay in the nordost line. Ask a dealer to test a pair of XLR?