Burn-In Length?

What can I expect the typical burn-in time to be for my newly received Rossini?

I was astounded that the unit sounded so good right out of the box.
I found that after about 10-20 hours the bass solidified, and the rest of it by 30 hours at the most.
Now at over 300 hours there is no change.

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Thanks diken1057.

After out-of-the-box listening, I disconnected the Rossini from my main system and ran it 24/7 for approximately 100 hours using its built-in, burn-in program. I used bookshelf speakers & a solid state amp as opposed to keeping my Soundlab electrostatic speakers and especially my Atma-sphere OTL tube monoblocks energized during the non-listening/run-in session.

As you advised, the bass indeed solidified. Soundstage and imagining also improved.

The Rossini was placed in a purposefully-built audio room in our new house. Although speakers have been placed, their placement hasn’t been critically tweaked. Thus, I was wondering how long I could expect for the Rossini to stabilize, before attempting critical speaker and acoustic panel placements. I believe with approximately 150 hours now, we can begin the speaker placement trial/error process.

I definitely second your statement. In another thread I stated:

Out-of-the-box it is very good as compared to my former DAC in the Rossini’s price range. Plus, it’s a joy to NO longer need an outboard endpoint/streamer. My dealer plugged in my CAT8 cable and off we went. Previously, between listening sessions I had to re-boot my streamer for it to again recognize my network.

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