Brand new LINA DAC screen grayed out?

Woke up today, turned on my Lina system. My DAC screen is all grey/washed out and has a darker vertical band on the right side???

I went into all the settings no fix there? Also powered down, again same problem.
Getting nervous with a purchase at this price point all of 3 weeks old Help???

Hi Anthony,

Sorry to hear about your problem.

Did you try to reboot your Lina DAC by powering it off by the switch at the back, wait a minute or two, and switch it back on?

Tried that, unfortunately no change thx

Just to be sure, did you check your display settings?

If this also is set correctly, then I am afraid you will need to contact your dealer.

Yes, first place i looked. Unfortunately same result. I’m really bummed about it being only 3 weeks old……wow


Sorry that you are having issues with your Lina DAC … could you please take a photo of the screen and email it to us at [email protected] and we will pick it up with you.

Best regards

Phil Harris

Sure Phil, I’ll send in a couple of minutes

OK, I sent two photos just now

Serial number and local dealer info and photo sent just now