Bartok XLR inputs

Are the XLR inputs mono or stereo. For example, the XLR output of a miniDSP Studio has 2 XLR outputs labeled 1&2 and 3&4. Each of these is a stereo pair I am t old.

Bartók does not have XLR inputs at all, only XLR outputs R+L (and XLR4 headphone output in case of HDAC).

No, there are dual AES XLR inputs.

It looks as if both Bartok AES inputs must be used for stereo.

Ah, the 2 AES digital inputs. Yes, they also use XLR cables (AES3). But be careful to not mix analog XLR signals and digital AES/ XLR ones. Therefore it is best not to refer to AES inputs as “XLR inputs”.

The 2 AES inputs are used together for Dual AES sources, a single AES input for Single AES sources.

Please read this:

It has nothing to do with mono or stereo!


Actually Erno, AES/EBU is, by definition, digital stereo channels (albeit they can carry a monophonic signal by duplicating two subframe within the digital bit stream).

So, dual AES is in fact 2 x stereo (used to double the AES/EBU bandwidth as explained in the FAQ you quoted).

@Anupc indeed, I was referring to the above quote, that not both AES inputs are needed for stereo.

Ahh, I get what you mean! Yes, you’re quite right :grin: