Bartok won't connect to network

Hello, hoping one of the regular contributors or dCS guys can help. Until today my Bartok and Mosaic have been very reliable. Today Bartok just won’t connect to the network at all. I have switched off at rear, rebooted router, rebooted i-pad, deleted and reinstalled Mosaic ( and have done this 3 times ) all to no avail. Also unplugged and reinserted ethernet cable and tried a different ethernet cable. My network is very simple, Ethernet from Bartok to simple netgear unmanaged switch (GS105 - the blue one ), Ethernet from switch to router ( bog standard Plusnet router). I have also tried ethernet from Bartok direct to router. Nothing works. Bartok is fine on SPDIF and USB so it must be some network problem. Unfortuneately I am no computer genius can anyone help. Many thanks in advance

Is it working OK today? if so your symptoms were caused by the worldwide outage of the service provider of internet services on Mosaic.That can look like failure to connect as you would see a blue buffering circle as Mosaic tries to find the service. Anyway that should now be resolved.

If you still think that Bartok is not connecting to your network have you checked your network status via your computer? You should find Bartok displayed as a device on the network.

Hello Pete thank you for your reply. Yesterday Mosaic on i-pad wouldn’t connect to the Bartok at all so I couldn’t even get as far as trying the streaming services - its not on IOS 13.5 by the way. Today everything was back to normal. No connection issues at all and Qobuz,Tidal and radio all playing fine. I guess therefore it was just all connected to yesterdays outage.Thank you for your help.