Bartok version 2.0?

I was surprised by an update last night.

While listening (mid-song) to my Bartok I received a message in Mosaic that a new network board update to version 509 was available along with a new host firmware update to version 2.01. Was I behind or is this new?

I think it sounded better after…

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It takes time this 2,01 update, 4096 chunks! Sound better now? I’m not sure because before 2,0 sounds also really well. Sounds great :+1::+1: but after some more time clearly sound better then before, wider soundstage, and better and more precise instruments and voices localitation.

I could have fooled myself about any sound improvements…

I picked it up last week. Im not certain that it improved sq

I think I was affected before for some minor hiss on the left channel , and not now after this update. Sound is now more precise, best on the the left/right separation and because of that a little bit better overall.

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I’ve just tried updateing to 2.01 and now the app can’t find the unit!

Closed the app, tried again, now keeps losing connection!

Hi Eamonn,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble after the update. Nothing has changed with regards to device discovery in this update, so the best thing to do would be a hard reboot of your Bartók, and ideally your router (if you can do this without too much disturbance to your household!).

Power both of them off fully (use the power rocker switch on the rear of your Bartók), leave for 30 seconds, then power back on. How does the app behave now?

Hi James, thanks for getting in touch.
I’m afraid this has not worked.
Whenever I go into the app now it says the connection is lost trying to reconnect and when it eventually does settle down I try to go into support to do the update nothing is displayed.
Any more suggestions would be appreciated.

Panic over! I deleted the app and reinstalled now all fine and software upgraded to 2.01

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Is there any HW changes between 2.0 and 1.0?
I have just pick up unit from my dealer which is few months old and wonder if I made mistake

No. 2.0 is all software.

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You have to love the fact that the software/firmware is free to anyone who owns a 1.0, so you get a 2.0 for free :slight_smile:

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Sorry for noob question but is it ok that unit feels warm when spend whole day in standby mode?

I do not think I’ve ever noticed that my Bartok is warm. I

If you have the Bartók with headphone amp, it will feel warm to the touch if you leave it all day with the headphone output engaged. My unit feel like it is just above room temp with the line out engaged. Either way I generally leave on all day long.

Hi Michal,

If your unit isn’t sat in free air then it is quite normal for a unit to still feel warm when in standby - I’ve had a Bartok DAC, Rossini Player and Vivaldi One at home and all would stay quite toasty in my cabinet on standby.


Phil Harris

The ver2.0 is phenomenon. Bartok 2.0 update makes the unit very close to the non-Apex version Rosinni in SQ.


I began the Bartok 2.01 upgrade 2 1/2 hours ago and it still is not complete. The DAC is powered on, but the display is blank. I downloaded a fresh copy of Mosaic, and it shows the following:

App version: 1.4.0 (143)
Front panel version: 2.00
Control board version: 2.00
Network board version: 1.3.0 (509)

“Installing update…dCS Mosaic Control will disconnect during installation.”

Should I just hang in there a few more hours or power cycle the DAC?