Bartok USB2 input

When I connected a 500GB small hard drive in FAT32 format to the USB2 input of Bartok for playing music, it worked fine. But when I disconnected the USB cable and reconnect, Bartok was not able to detect the hard drive. And I could get the USB2 to work since then, even I switched off and on again.

What should I do now?


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According to the User Manual USB2 is basically compatible with a flash drive . They mention that other USB drives have been used successfully but there are caveats. The most important is that they are low power i.e .it seems that the 5V USB power line cannot support significant power draw ( some of my USB HDD drives draw <2A). Further the drive must not exceed 1TB .

So the first questions in search for an answer are what is the drive and what size is it? Is the 500GB one the same for both times you tried to connect and is the size the capacity or the present volume of data stored?. Is it self powered or powered via the USB bus?

Once you plug in the USB drive how are you selecting the input, via the fascia button or using Mosaic? When you selected the USB input did Bartok display a “Please Wait” message?

At first, the message is “Please wait”, then after a minute, change to no folder.

The led light on the high drive did not light up. I guess the hard drive was not getting any power from the USB2.

I guess I will have my dealer to check the DAC.

I doubt that there is anything wrong with your Bartok. It may just be an incompatible drive but I can’t tell from your answer.

The light not switching on doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no power but that there is insufficient power. As I mentioned the USB2 input is only designed for low power draw. As you mentioned a cable being involved I am guessing that your USB drive is accordingly not a flash drive. As it isn’t self powered I presume you are using a 2.5" external HDD.

The USB A type input on most ( all?) current dCS DACS is really only meant for flash drives and is regarded as a convenience feature for the occasion when a friend brings round some tracks. More regular USB replay would use the USB B type input, for example replay from a computer.

Have you got a normal flash drive to try?

I swapped to another USB cable. It seems to work. Perhaps a faulty cable. Haha.

Thanks, Roger.


Sorry for typo on your name.

Thanks, Pete.


Might be current capability of the USB cable. I did some tests a few years ago on voltage drop down USB cables. I tried several different ones, all 1m and rated for 2Amps, however I found that nearly all of them had a very significant voltage drop end-to-end if you tried to pull anything like the 2A rating! It took a lot of buying and testing to find a make/brand where the voltage drop was minimal… don’t ask me what that make was though - sorry forgotten over the years :wink: