Bartok Tidal Problem

Hi all,
This is my first post as a potential Bartok owner. I currently have a Bartok on home demo, looking to replace my NDS. All was fine until a few hours ago…
I was speaking to my dealer earlier and mentioned that whilst looking through the Mosaic app an update for the Bartok was available. He suggested updating it as it wouldn’t be an issue. I updated with no problems.
Once I restarted the Bartok, I could access my local unpn network ( Naim HDX), however I cannot access Tidal or internet radio. I have done all the usual things, restarted the Bartok, re-installed Mosaic on my i-pad and on my phone, re-booted my internet connection etc. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

Regards, Steve.

The internet radio problem is affecting us all at the moment. See the post below. The data in the Mosaic internet radio service is provided by and through a third party radio aggregator and they seem to be down at the moment.

So that leaves Tidal but my not having an account with them means that I am afraid that I can’t help. However you use an i-pad and , as I mention below, the recent ( this week) update of iOS to v. 13.5 is a causing many problems for many apps. I suggest that your first course of action is to uninstall Mosaic from your i-pad then reinstall from App Store. That seems to be the usual fix if this is the cause of your issue.

Hi Pete,
Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Mosaic to no avail.
I have done the same on my Android phone, again without any luck. I’ll have to fall back on the NDS tonight and have another look see tomorrow.

Unfortunately, it seems Qobuz, TIDAL, and Internet radio connections are all down at this moment…

Stephen, Casey, yes that does seem to be a common issue. I have just found that I cannot open Qobuz either leaving local file replay the only option left.

I have tried to bring Andrew’s attention to this in the “Radio Aggregator” thread as most of this afternoon’s ( my local time) postings now seem to be about this issue.

Hi again guys, many thanks for this. I’ll try it again tomorrow. It seems as though it’s just a coincidence from my perspective.

Same here - Tidal is not working through the Mosaic app. However Tidal works fine through the Bartok app, but I had to set-up my Tidal account again.

Hi Steve, Ive just developed a problem with my Bartok on Tidal and internet radio. All I get is a blue spinning wheel if I try to connect, the unit works fine on Airplay/Usb.

Does this sound the same as your issue?

Thanks Graham

Ahhh, Tidal works through the Bartok app but not the Mosaic app.

Hi Graham, that’s exactly my issue. However, I have now downloaded the Bartok app and Tidal is now working. Thanks all for pointing me in this direction.


This issue has been resolved: