Bartok Sync Mode

New Bartok installed yesterday and sounding great.

It is connected direct to ATC Active 40s with Blu-ray input via optical.

Sync mode reads auto wordclock.
Should this be set to Master?


No Neil. Master setting requires another device to be slaved to Bartok’s clock. You do not have this situation. The only equipment that you mention that could be slaved is your Blue Ray player but that will not have a wordclock input which is required ( unless you have a very unusual device from Panasonic :smile:). Leave it as auto so that it can select the correct wordclock rate in accordance with incoming data.

Thanks for that.

Hi Neil,

Congrats with your new Bartók!

I think I have to correct Pete.

In case you do not have an external word clock, the sync settings should be set according to the selected digital input.

For a Blu-ray player, connected through SPDIF, this should be AUDIO. Bartók will remember this setting for you.

For USB and ethernet digital input, this should be MASTER.

The above is according to the Bartók’s manual (page 40):

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Thanks for the correction Ernos.

Thanks to you both

Pete, actually I am confused now myself. We both might be right.

There is a difference in UNIT settings (managed at the Bartók itself through its menu buttons) and MOSAIC settings. My comment refers to the unit settings, but in Mosaic there is no Word Clock 1-2 Auto setting, only Auto Wordclock, which as you say “it can select the correct wordclock rate in accordance with incoming data”.

Well that’s me definitely confused then😄

Sorry Neil :wink:

Anyway, we should trust the manual, so if you follow that you are safe.

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Wait until you try setting up a 4 box dCS system like Vivaldi- and I can assure you that they have made it all far less confusing than it was with their first generation of products around the turn of the century :wink:.

Anyway the Manual says for wordclock, Audio " Use this setting for sources that do not have a suitable wordclock input". As I agree with Ernos in following the manual and as that is your situation with the Blu Ray player that is what to do.

I also go along with Ernos on the confusion between what the unit and Mosaic shows . I have always been prone to confusing Audio and Auto which no doubt I will continue to experience.

So Auto for network?

No it’s Master for Network!

I think that the confusion arises as we are looking at different two different functions but which are all termed as a group as Synch Mode.

The first function is related to the source of the clock signal. For inputs other then USB or Network and without an external clock connected the clock is part of the incoming signal so the DAC extracts it as part of the processing. As it is part of the incoming audio stream this is therefore labelled " Audio".

The USB and Network connections are asynchronous which means that the clock signal is set not by the source but by the DAC. The Bartok is then in command hence that mode is called “Master”.

The second function is to decide what rate the clock should operate at. This is an issue where an external clock is used as there are two clock base rates, 44.1 and 48 kHz, and the clock needs to know which rate to provide to match the incoming data at either of these rates or a rate that is an integer of one of them. Bartok provides either a manual choice; W1 or W2 ( normally 44.1 or 48 respectively) or it can be set to Wordclock 1-2 auto where it will automatically switch the clock group if it changes in accordance with the incoming data.

I hope that helps to clarify things and that it is correct - Erno?

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Correct :+1:t2: