Bartók...Sudden communication loss with Roon and Bartók's own Internet Radio

This morning, my Bartók suddenly lost communication with my Roon Nucleus. In Roon settings the Bartók name has disappeared and wouldn’t allow me to type a name and save it, in ‘Device Info’. (See Screenshot)
I was also initially unable to load the Bartóks own Internet Radio. Stations that I had saved to ‘Favourites’.
After a couple of attempts I got the Bartóks Internet Radio to play, but was unable to ‘Pause’ it, with only the ‘Play button’ displayed. (See Screenshot from Android Device) The only way to stop the Bartók’s Internet Radio, was to put the Bartók on 'Standby’
My Broadband and Wifi are working correctly. As yet, I have not tried a reboot of my Bartók or Roon Nucleus.

This morning I had the same with my Bartók. And it has happened before.

What helps for me, is to press and hold the Power button at the front (or hold the Power button on the remote), until the Bartók’s display shows Switching Off. Wait for about 30 sec, and then power the unit back on, by pushing the Power button briefly, and everything is fine again.

This might have to do with a crash of the internal network card.

That’s interesting Erno…I have only ever used the power switch on the back, or the 'Standby/Wake button on the Android and iOS apps. I don’t have a remote.
I did a reboot of the Bartók and the Roon Nucleus, and now all back to normal. The names (dCS Bartók and Samsung S20+) were automatically added to the ‘Device Info’ boxes on both Android and iOS Roon apps.

I could have blamed the Nucleus, but the Internet Radio on the Bartók was also playing up.
As far as I’m aware, my Broadband is rock solid. The Bartók and the Nucleus are in the same room as my Sky router.

If it is the card crashing, what do you think is causing it?

It is worth remembering that the radio station links are not “native” to Mosaic. They are provided by an external service and, occasionally, they have their own problems which then are reflected in Mosaic. It shouldn’t affect the station’s own output but you might find some stations temporarily missing from your favourites or, worst of all, you open “Radio” and find it empty .

There isn’t much one can do about it at this end.

Hi David, please look here:

More network card issues:

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Thanks Pete…I can’t remember where I read it on here, but there was a thread which included Radio stations disappearing from ‘Favourites’.
I was more concerned about the ‘Pause’ button not being available, and having to turn the Bartók off to stop the music from the radio station. As per the above screenshot on my Android phone.

I agree about the external services. Quite often, on the Naim app, ‘Radio Paradise’ will go off air, then come back 15 mins later.

Is it possible that having the Roon app and the Mosaic app open at the same time, on the same device, or even seperate devices, can cause ‘Conflict’?

Thanks Erno for those links… :+1: