Bartok skips first DSD track or even crashes!

As far as the DAC switching is concerned , yes , so long as the command is correctly interpreted, if a .dsf album is followed by another .dsf album or If the same album is replayed there would not be any switching.

Unfortunately the fact that the issue’s appearance is intermittent makes it difficult to trace the cause. I have now run out of what I had hoped might provide straightforward answers. Obviously I cannot try to replicate the issue here as I do not have a Bartok. However I think that we can eliminate the UPnP server from the suspects’ list as it seems that the issue occurs whether MinimServer is used or Asset. I suppose there could be the odd and unlikely chance that they both exhibit the same oddity though.

So it is back to Mosaic control and Bartok and/or what connects them, the LAN. As I say I have run out of ideas.

Thanks for your ideas. I’ll try to investigate further: When it happens next that is! It’s as good as gold at the moment.

Hi Steve, that’s very similar to what I’m seeing, it come and goes, isn’t exactly repeatable, but it’s been an ongoing “consistently inconsistent” issue since I had the Bartok 3 months ago.

I’ll keep playing and see if I can find a pattern.

Regards, Mike.

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Hi all,

I am currently in the process of testing this to see if I can replicate the fault.

As Pete has suggested, it would be really useful to know if you are going from a .dsf album to another .dsf album and it then skips the first track, or whether you are going from PCM to .dsf, or perhaps it can happen either way around?

@solwisesteve, when you say the Bartók completely reboots, can you walk me through exactly what happens? Is this something you are seeing within Mosaic where it loses connection and you hear relays clicking, or are you watching the display of the Bartók? If you see it on the display of the Bartók and it happens again, can you make a note of what you see for me?

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What happens is the Mosaic comes up with the ‘searching for device’ type screen. I hear the relays click on the Bartok like they do when I power on. Then after about 10 seconds the Mosaic finds the Bartok and we’re back to normal.

However my system has been fine for 24hours. I’ve tried various tricks like testing from first power on or after a different format, or switching back and forth between stream formats, etc… etc… and I can’t get it to go wrong :frowning:

Okay, I have replicated this issue so we can begin to investigate it from here.

Thanks for the info on this one, it’s been very helpful! Will keep you updated.

Hi James, have you replicated the reboot problem or the dsf problem - or are they one and the same from your perspective? Thanks, Mike.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

btw are you going to let on how to replicate the problem? Mine’s be fine now for several days despite my best efforts :wink:

I have not reproduced the reboot issue - although it does not sound like your Bartók is fully rebooting, instead that Mosaic / the network board is losing connection at the same time. What are the software versions on your Bartók?

Exactly as you guys have reported: starting playback on a .dsf album, very rarely the first track will skip. It is very rare though, took me a good chunk of two days of solid switching between two DSD albums to catch it.

Once it had skipped, hitting Play All on the same album or simply playing the first track from the Play Queue (which incidentally does load it correctly) works fine. Seems like a technically minor - albeit potentially frustrating - glitch. No reason to expect any other symptoms.

Thanks James, my Bartok versions are as follows:

App - 1.1.0 (84)
Front panel - 1.0.1
Control board - 1.0.1
Network - 1.1.0 (503)

Regards, Mike.


Thanks gents, will let you know on both the lost connection and track skipping issues.