Bartok Settings/Config? - Where in Forum to Post?

New to Forum. I am looking to optimize the settings and configuration of my Bartok (and also Roon settings for the Bartok as an end-point).

Where in the Forum is it most appropriate to ask about these subjects?


Hi Bart and welcome to the community.

I guess that the nature of your question lies somewhere between dCS products and Support. You have posted this is Support so may as well stick with it.

Some settings and configurations are specific to the kind of setup that you have and how you play your music e.g. synch settings or line voltage output. So please be specific when you pose your questions. Others, like best filter settings, have no right or wrong answer and depend upon your preference - that is why you are given choices.

As for Roon you may get answers here but a more appropriate place would be the Roon Community which has an area dedicated to questions related to Roon and dCS equipment.

Welcome Bart,

Please don’t worry, you will get your Roon related answers here. But not from Pete :wink:


That’s true.

OK. Well, here goes. This is my setup within Roon (below).

From Defaults, I’ve changed:

  • Volume control: from Device to Fixed (I use a preamp for vol. ctrl.)
  • Automatically sleep device: from Never to 3 hours (no harm in this, right?)
  • Resync Delay: changed from 0ms to 1000ms (corrected some track skipping problems)

The MQA, sample rates, bitrates, & master clock settings are cryptic mumbo to me.

Thoughts? Advice? Insults? Jokes?


I see no harm in these settings.

Personally I need no resync delay, no skipping. Are you playing local files and streaming? USB or ethernet?

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A bit of each…

Is there any benefit to setting the volume control to fixed in roon? When I change the volume control to fixed I can still turn the volume down using the rotary knob on my Bartok. Is the only benefit to prevent any software based volume changes when using roon?