Bartok pausing and rebooted!

I had this issue last year and, at the time, the diagnosis was it was a known network issue and the update would fix it. In the mean time a policy of switching (completely) off the Bartok so it had a clean restart each listening session seemed to solve things. tbh it’s been perfect ever since. I also installed the latest update when it arrived and not had any issues.

Well it’s back :frowning: A few times, recently, the Bartok has just frozen, only for a few seconds, mid-playing: A pause in the music and then it carries on as normal. Then, this morning, it did a complete reboot (with the relays clicking away) whilst in the middle of a track. After the reboot Mosaic did it’s usual searching message and then everything came back. I selected and album and okay.

Wow!! It’s just done the pause thing whilst typing this message!

and again…!

What’s going on?

Have you done the usual IT stuff, power cycled Router/Switch etc. I assign the same IP number to all my devices using the Router - MAC Reservation, can help stabilise things.

I’ve only had a Bartok 2 months, not had any freezing touch wood. Lots of streaming gear has been through last few years and every single one had a blip of one sort or other.

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Steve, you have been reporting faults ( I count 88 posts/responses from you concerning reported faults or other dissatisfactions) with your Bartok since December 2nd 2019. Have you tried your dealer or dCS directly for advice ?

Bartok in a fixed IP as is the NAS.

Bartok lan cable to cisco gig switch. NAS to same switch. Access point to same switch.

It’s NOT anything to do with wifi.

tbh I think the lions share of these posts are dislikes re. the mosaic and the pretty much forced use of minimserver (though I DO use asset).

Actual ‘fault’ posts are, I think, not that common.

The dealer is some distance…

I’m ruling out issues with comms. between NAS and Bartok under the assumption that a breakdown in data stream from the NAS wouldn’t (shouldn’t) cause the Bartok to reboot.

Well if you’ve ruled out IT you should get a warranty ticket rolling with your dealer. A spontaneous reboot is different to a freeze and a manual reboot, the former is likely hardware/power the latter may be many other things so it’s Sherlock time.

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Yes I appreciate that some posts were dislikes but nevertheless had I experienced the problems that you have had over such an extended period and bearing in mind that your warranty is not of infinite duration I would be talking seriously to my dealer and dCS irrespective of distance. I am also bearing in mind that you are adamant that it is nothing to do with wifi and that you also feel that your network is fine.

A forum like this is very useful for isolating configuration issues with one thing or another but if the problems are related to a hardware fault there is little that members here can do to help out.

I deliberately quoted the number of posts from you as I am hoping that this will serve to flag up your issues to those members here who can help with hardware issues; Andrew, James or Ben.


Okay, I’ll suggest something that Pete solved for me and my sanity when my Vivaldi & Upsampler began rebooting spontaneously. Is there any chance you have a remote somewhere in a box under a cushion with enough force on it to hit the power button or something similar? I know it sounds dumb, but well . . . it was my problem. My big dCS remote had been put away in a remote box I keep under the ottoman, and another remote had gotten wedged on top of it before I closed the box cover. It was sporadically rebooting the dCS components. :relieved:

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No remote…

I’ll start the process of raising an issue with dCS and see what they have to say.

Just sent an email back to James that I was speaking with in March last year.

Just a thought Steve…Is the Bartók cool with a fixed IP? Can’t remember where I read it, but I thought it said don’t allocate a fixed IP address?

Not heard anything to the contrary. ISTR putting it on a fixed IP during the last round of similar issues in March last year. That way I could setup a permanent ping log to see if it disappeared. So the issue was there when on DHCP. Actually, now I remember, it IS DHCP but the address is fixed allocated in the DHCP table of my router (the DHCP server). So, as far as the Bartok is concerned, it’s normal DHCP.

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Just an update. I got one support email reply with no suggestions and that was it. The Bartok has now been packed up ready for the house move. tbh, since we have some decorating &c. to plough through in the new house, it probably won’t come out again for a couple of months. I just hope the ‘holiday’ will mean it stops playing up when it comes back!

Steve I re-read this thread and Greg mentioning the possibility of the IR remote reminded me of something.

Going back 11 years to when I upgraded my Elgar stack to a Paganini I suffered a similar problem to yours. The Paganini misbehaved in some way ( I can’t remember exactly how) seemingly at its own behest. No input from me and whenever the fault occurred I found the display showing a changed setting.

I eventually traced the origin of the problem by blocking the IR receiver window with a piece of tape. The fault went away.

So there was some other source of IR information in the room which the Paganini was interpreting as a command. As far as I was able to deduce my problem was the TV set ( at that time a CRT type) which faced the Paganini from the other side of the room. There just seemed to be a sequence of images, presumably with some content in the IR range, that was recognised by Paganini as a command. Whatever the precise reason Blocking the IR receiver got rid of the problem. The CRT TV set was replaced by a Plasma screen and, coincidentally, the problem never recurred.

Now I am not suggesting that TV is necessarily the source of your issue as IR is available from all sorts of things including sunlight.

So I am just suggesting that when you get to reinstall Bartok in a couple of months and if the problem recurs you just try blocking the IR receiver to help trace the cause.