Bartok (no headphones) Digital Filter Related Problem

Hello! New to this forum. I apologize for a possible repeat question due to ignorance. Have a no-headphone Bartok and am enjoying it greatly, although I know I am “under-utilizing” its many capabilities. As of now, I simply send it music via AES-EBU from a server. I have only one problem: when I send a file that is in a different sample and bit rate than the previous file, the Bartok takes a moment to change digital filters. While it is doing so, I miss the first moments of the song. Is there a buffer that can start the song from the beginning? Or is this something that must be handled from the server source? Thanks and regards!

Hello Bill and welcome to the forum.

This type of problem is known but depends upon a number of circumstances. To help would you kindly expand a little. Are you talking about every change of file type/resolution or just when changing from PCM files to DSD or vice versa?

Have you installed the latest version of Mosaic ( 1.1.3)? Are you using Mosaic for control and play or, say, Roon for the latter?

Which UPnP server software are you using?

And what server do you use?

Thanks for your interest in my situation. I’m only talking about PCM files, almost totally WAV. I get a mute for under 1 second with a little mini-‘ting’ sound as (it sounds like) a new filter is selected, when switching back and forth between, say, 44/16 and 24/96. It doesn’t happen often, the way I select music, but sometimes.
And now it’s time to potentially sound like a luddite: I don’t stream. I may someday, but don’t have sufficient interest yet. I use the Bartok as a ‘simple’ DAC, fed by AES-EBU. I’m sure I don’t have the latest version of Mosaic, but I’m not using Mosaic for control. (I do change digital filters for comparison sometimes (fascinating), but use the hand-held remote.)
My digital source is an NAD Masters 50.2 server, controlled by Bluos, which I used to “convenient-ize” my CDs. The sound is literally better than I had previously thought CDs could sound.
I’m wondering if the solution wouldn’t reside in a 1-second puff of silence being sent by the server, any time the wordsize/sample-rate changes…
If there isn’t a solution to the ‘hitch in my git-a-long,’ I’ll still be a happy boy. Thanks again for your interest.

Maybe you can set your buffer, page 42 of the Bartók manual:

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I cannot say what the position is with your NAD server but is seems that there is some form of incompatibility somewhere as changing between PCM data rates should be seamless, filter changes should not produce the issue you report. However does setting the buffer as suggested by Erno provide enough delay and solve the issue?

It is very difficult to answer your question otherwise as you are using Bartok in an unusual setup and not one that I am familiar with.

Also, don’t forget your Bartok’s Sync-Mode clocking needs to be set to “Audio”, so that it clocks from your incoming NAD’s AES/EBU.

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