Bartok lose configurations

Occasionally my Bartok loses the configurations like filter choice, display settings etc, and the saved configurations dissappears as well, which means I have to set-up everything again. Rebooting with power off has no effect. Settings for Tidal is not affected. I leave my Bartok on all the time (no standby).

How can I stop this from happening?

Configurations saved;

And then no configurations available;


I also had similar problems. The configuration files I have previously saved have disappeared.
Regards Robert

This happened again: Lost all configurations and no saved configurations to be found. And selecting «Restore configurations» means back to factory settings. Most annoying is the filter settings that only can be set when playing music at different sample rates.

Is this a known bug? Or is it my Bartok only?

No such problems with mine.
I would get in touch with dCS support, they’ll surely take care of you.