Bartók HDac and switching outputs

I noticed that after changing the settings in DCS Mosaic related to the crossower and expansion, if I want to listen to the headphones, after this I want to return to listening through the speakers and I use the button on the front panel of my Bartok I want to switch the output from the headphones to line out, I have to press it twice so that the device switches audio output.
My device display is set to always on so it is not related to display blanking
Regards Robert

Ah — an excellent spot, Robert. This happens on my Bartok too.

What appears to be happening is that the first press on “Output” turns off the Expanse setting, and the second actually changes the output.

Before press (showing “Expanse 1” icon, and in headphone):

After the first press of “Output” (“Expanse 1” icon now not shown, but Bartok still in headphone mode):

The next press does what I’d expect the first to have done, i.e. change to the rear outputs. Perhaps this is the intended behaviour, but it’s not what makes sense to me. For what it’s worth, I’m happy enough with needing to go to Mosaic to change the Crossfeed/Expanse settings, or for cycling through Off/Crossfeed/Expanse 1/Expanse 2 with long presses of the Output button when in headphone mode.

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Thanks a lot for the clarification. I did not know that introducing new settings would change the behavior of the output selection button. Now I know why this is happening. Although I do not know how to make changes using the buttons on the front panel.
Regards Robert Tota

Robert, I am trying to think of a way that you can use the front panel buttons. Do you have a device that can scan print and speak the text to you ( like Voice Over but using ordinary print)? If so you could remember the position of the first four buttons , left to right: button 1 is power, button 2 selects the menu, button 3 moves the menu forward and button 4 backward. To select any item in the menu you press the menu button (2).

So, how are you going to know where you are in the menu? Pages 35 and 36 in the User manual for Bartok Headphone show a sequential map of the menu options. If you have a text reader then you could follow the selections from this. The main obstacle is there would be no tell tale confirmation of the selection except from what you hear.

I hope that sounds like a practical idea.

Hello, I didn’t think about using the buttons on the front panel to configure the device. Too many possibilities to remember the sequences of subsequent movements and thus changes in the device configuration. Unless a program reads the display and tells you which function is selected. This is possible because I have an iPhone program that can read text from the environment on a regular basis. However, I hope that Mosaic will be improved in terms of accessibility and it will be possible to use it as a basic Bartók configuration option.
Best Regards Robert