Bartok Full Power On With Rocker Switch

Hi guys, my Bartok was completely powered down, and when I went to power on the unit with the rocker switch in the back, it powered fully up without me needing to press the power button on the faceplate. Has anyone had this behavior before? I did just change interconnects from unbalanced to balanced just prior to powering on. Maybe that was the cause?

That should not have happened, and neither is the cause. Maybe music was still coming in through your Bartók’s ethernet connection? That will power it on/ wake it up from standby.

If Bartok was turned off immediately by rear button, then when turned on, it will also turn on bypassing the standby mode. I think it’s the same for me.

@arzojaan I think that is what happened. I didn’t power down the Bartok (holding the power button for 3 sec) before flipping the rocker switch the last time I turned it off. Thanks for helping me figure it out!

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