Bartok crashed twice within the last week

Okay… this might be a coincidence but twice I’ve set the Bartok to play an album first thing in the morning and it’s crashed. e.g. this am… selected album on the app. Selected Play All. Bartok switches on and, within a few seconds, starts to play the first track. The first track was only 52 seconds long. At the end of the first track it locks up. It shows 52 seconds on the display and doesn’t start the following track. Also unresponsive via the app but it shows the unit is still there and still playing at 52 seconds of the first track. Switching off /on via the front button and the display still shows exactly the same and no playing. The only fix is a complete power off/on via the mains switch.

I had the same issue a few mornings ago BEFORE the latest update. Today it was latest updates from a few days ago all installed.

The rest of the day, and for the last few days, it’s all fine with no issues playing from radio or upnp.

If it helps, one thing that might make my use a bit different is I have the tablet (Android 8.1) set to stay awake all the time. So it doesn’t go into standby or even screen saver. I do this so there are no delays or issues reconnecting when waking up again. The tablet is always showing the mosaic app.

Just a few questions:

  1. What source are you playing from (Qobuz, TIDAL, UPnP, etc)?
  2. If it’s a streaming service can you let me know what track / album it crashed while attempting to play? If it was UPnP I would like to get a copy of the file from you.
  3. Does it consistently crash while playing these tracks or is it intermittent?

UPnP, minimserver
It’s happened twice in the last 10 days and only on the first album of the day. It seems to happen at the end of the first track.

Is it an issue with the app on 24 hours? DHCP lease timeout perhaps?

Out of interest, in the last few weeks I’ve twice had to restart the Bartok. For example yesterday am I noticed the app had a yellow box around it on the screen. Thinking the app was crashed I restarted the app and then it couldn’t find the Bartok. Restart the Bartok and the app found it and all was fine. I’m wondering if there is an issue when there is a DHCP refresh on the Bartok or perhaps the app.