Bartok Confusion

I love my Bartok and am grateful for my privileged opportunity to own one! I have a minor (but important to me) issue that has yet to be resolved. It seems that the display reverse the use of the icons that denote play (||) and pause “>.” When the music is playing > reads on the display. When the music is paused “||” appears. This presentation is at odds what I have known to be the universal symbols of play/pause. Is this a dCS way to display or is there something that must be done to fix it. I’ve already talked to the retailer that sold me the unit and they say that in consultation with dCS the problem should correct itself as the software updates. It hasn’t.

It depends how one looks at it, and expectation of current status display/action control.

For a user-interactable control, it would be expected that a button in an app for example would display || or [] while the media is playing, and > when it’s not, so as to indicate to the user what action to expect when pressing same.

For a non-interactive display (that is both non-touch-screen and physically separated from the hardware controls) such as the one you’re describing, the display of the current status would make more sense, hence > if media is playing, and || or [] when it’s paused or stopped, respectively.


Thank you, that’s a very clear and helpful explanation.


Glad it helped! Welcome to the dCS community, and happy listening!