Bartok Apex plops while changing sample rate

I just had my Bartok upgraded to Apex. When switching it on (from standby on the front) or when it changes the sample rate, I hear a plop through the loudspeakers. Is that normal behavior? It is disturbing while using roon radio.

The Bartek 2.0 did not have the issue.

I run the Bartek directly in Manger active speakers (input impedance 10 kOhm).
Music comes from roon via Network connection. Music server is a SonicTransporter i5. Switch EtherRegen.

Thanks for a hint.

Hello Menno and welcome to the forum.

"when it changes the sample rate, I hear a plop through the loudspeakers. Is that normal behavior? "

When changing sample rates all dCS DACs mute the output so there should be no sound through your loudspeakers. Sometimes you may hear a slight mechanical click from a relay in the unit itself but nothing through loudspeakers.

If you can arrange, as an experiment ,for Bartok to be used on its own with direct access to e.g. Qobuz using Mosaic you can play with sample rates and let them change and see if the noise from your speakers persists. If it does there is a fault, if not then the fault may lie with your other components.

It is difficult to say about switching on Bartok as that should be done before the switching on amplification and vice versa when switching off. That order applies to any source component in any system to avoid unpleasant noises.

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Hi Pete
Thanks for your answer. I tried you experience with Mosaic and the same happens. A plop through the loudspeakers when it changes the sample rate.

Regarding switching on; I meant the „power“ button on the front, which to my opinion only changes to standby and back. This mutes the outputs as well and should not give a plop in the loudspeakers.


Thanks. To me your answer suggests that there is an issue with your Bartok on return from upgrading. As the upgrade should now be guaranteed I think that you need to go back to the dealer or distributor that carried out the upgrade. I anticipate that this may go beyond whatever help we can offer here.

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