Bartok aggiornamento

Qualcuno sa quando uscira un primo aggiornamento firmware per il Bartok ?

Sorry Simone but I can read some Italian but not write in the language. So, in English:

Upgrades are not notified in advance by dCS. So the first upgrade for Bartok will only be known about if and when it is available.


I hope that this can be understood:

One member here has just reported a firmware upgrade for Bartok. To check this open Mosaic. Open the device controls ( three lines top left corner). Open Support. Open Versions. Click blue rectangle " Check for Updates". Is one offered?

Please let me know.

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Understood :sweat_smile:later i will check, thanks

No updates !!

Thanks. If you look at:

You will see that @smdzhm is reporting that he has downloaded one today.: v.1.11. I wonder what is going on? Try again tomorrow to see if they are rolling the release country by country although that is not what they usually do.

Hi Pete,

I can see network board version 506 and firmware version 1.11 available for download in mosaic for my Bartok. I am in the UK.

I haven’t downloaded them yet, maybe later!

Thanks David. It sometimes happens that there can be small lags of a few hours in firmware being available on servers if in different countries. This has happened in the past with App Store. though this only affects the control app side of things. I would also expect to find matching release notes here in the FAQ section but there is nothing yet. i think this is not great as many Bartok owners are new to dCS and this may be the first dCS firmware upgrade they will have experienced . @James please note in order to communicate this to whichever colleague is concerned.

that I remember, it was always version 1.11, since several months…

This one is the latest I have seen, and was officially announced back in April 2021.

It contains app version 1.1.3 (119), and network board version 1.1.3 (506).

Ok, but i was talkin about the bartok update, not the app

I updated my DCS Bartok firmware from v1.10 to v1.11 Monday (31/1/2022). It took about 15min. to complete the entire update process.

I’ve found the 1.11 version when i bought the Bartok, june 2021 , i’am waiting for bartok 2.0