Bartók 2.0 : A Substantial Performance Upgrade

I unplugged and reattached the power cord,
The upgrade has started again … this time it seems to be going well…

The update process is quite robust in my experience. It did get stuck during a previous update, but after a “power cycle” it recovered and all was fine.

20 mins, 2 x power off/on via rear button needed for Mosaic to settle, now playing a few fave tracks, might be wishful thinking but I’m hearing more details/texture, all in all very happy with dCS at the moment :grinning:

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in Brisbane the update came through at a respectable 7pm local time - just perfect for an evening of quiet listening, enjoying a vino or two in between!
thank you dCS… v2.0 makes a special player even more so… Loving the new mapper and dsdx2 upsample.
feeling very lucky to be listening to this

In my experience updating the Rossini, if the update gets stuck, waiting a long time for the update to fix itself does not help. You need to reboot and try again. It will work eventually, it usually takes me 2 or 3 reboots.


I upgraded to 2.0, I don’t understand how it can change the sound image so much. What is the “real” recording? The stage has opened and I wonder if this is not achieved with crosstalking like in headphones. It would be interesting to have this answer directly from a dCS employee. Map 2 seems to me a little more in focus, while maps 1 and 3 enlarge the stage, but I have not been able to understand if this is obtained by losing focus (it was too late last night). Over the past few days, I’ve found that I prefer DXD for precision and impact, while DSD made everything too smooth. Has anyone heard any substantial differences with DSDx2?

If upsampling is set in DSD, is the first filter packet (Filter 1 to M1) active or should DSD filters be used?

Hi, I am new to this forum. I have upgraded my Bartok to 2.0. The upgrade went smoothly and I am still getting acquainted with the changes. However, I have noticed something which has not been mentioned by anyone yet and I hope it is not unique to me.

Whenever Mapper 1 or 3 is selected, I could hear some slight static noise when the volume is turned up with nothing being played obviously. However, it is absolutely silent when Mapper 2 is selected. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this with the new upgrade. Thanks.

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My first observation is that mapper 3 is warmer, more immersive, deeper, voice more real and mapper 1 is more flat and 2D. Mapper 2 is a bit dull in comparison.

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Completed the software upgrade today. Had a few stumbles but once I turned off my Bartok off from the rear power switch, it went smoothly.

I’ve currently configured with the DSDX2 setting. I’m now 3 jazz albums in. I have to say that my perception is that this has brought about significant improvements across the board. Noise levels are lower. I hear more details and at lower volume levels. Sound quality is more organic. Better decay in notes along with more detail. Sound stage is significantly better. Like light years better. Very please and slightly blown away that DCS could do this with just software. For reference I’m now running my Bartok with an Audio Research Ref 160s and Ref 6 with Wilson Sabrina x speakers.


Any suggestions on the use of mappers and filters? I like details with fast transients and high dynamic contrasts. I mostly listen to 16-44 redbook ripped CDs with no compression. I’m used to listen via DXD vs DSD, wondering if the new DSDx2 with filter 5 could be a better choice in these aspects, better the the basic DSD.
Patience and many listening sessions ahead before I settle on my settings of choice !
No matter the filters, I really like this version 2.0 !

initiated the update, went through with no issues, and yes my Bartok had a noticeable improvement in sound quality across the board…happy camper

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I am noticing an occasional clicking sound now when playing back DSF files stored on my Aurender N10 with the new software update via the AES/EBU input. This occurs no matter which available mapper and DSD option is engaged. On the front display the DSD indicator quickly flashes off and on when the clicking occurs.

No apparent issue with other file formats. I did not experience this prior to the update.

Other then this the sound improvement is significant across all file formats with a larger and more dimensional soundstage.

Anyone else experience this? I would welcome any suggestions.

I have the same problem with my N10 and Rossini, clicking sound when playing DSF (64) files over AES, over USB it’s working fine.

Can someone educate me a bit more on these 3 upsampling options? Does selection of one of these only affect PCM playback? I mainly played back PCM, and my local dealer recommended DXD for me. This was before the Bartok 2.0 update. Now I start getting into DSD, so I wonder if I keep the setting at “DXD” and when I play back DSD files, would Bartok downsample/convert the DSD stream back to DXD?

If the 3 upsampling options have nothing to do with DSD playback, when I play back music recorded at DSD128 natively, what would Bartok upsample to before converting it to analog?

I recall years ago i attended a dCS event where i first heard “5-bit” DSD upsampling and there were discussions about why 5 bit but not 8 bit (something like that). I was not able to follow or understand at the time when I did not have a dCS DAC. It sounds like regardless the incoming digital stream is PCM or DSD, the RingDAC will upsample it to 5-bit DSD before converting to analog. Does this 5-bit thing still exist, and if yes how does it connect to the upsampling options here? Based on my very limited understanding of DSD, DSD or DSDx2 are both 1-bit. Is the 5-bit upsampling being implemented after DSD or DSDx2 upsampling stage?

It would be great if someone can help clarify and connect the dots for me. Really appreciate the help here. Thanks.

Hi Ryan,

Here is the info you are looking for:


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Thanks Ermos! I will find free time to read through that, this is very helpful. Based on the diagram, it seems to me all upsampling options are prior to the 5-bit modulator.

Back to the first part of my questions, are the upsampling options only applicable to incoming PCM signals? DSD signals would not be upsampled but directly go into the 5-bit modulator?


This upgrade rocks…

I listen to a wide variety of music but one of my favorite bands comes out of the 90’s grunge days: Alice in Chains. I just played the song Rotten Apple from the album Jar of Flies. This is a song I know well and have listened to many times including prior to Bartók 2.0 on my Bartók. I had no idea that Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley harmonized from the beginning of this song. I always thought it was just Layne. Bartók tells me differently. I wonder what else I’ve been missing.

Edit: I was just reading the liner notes. Mike Inez is also contributing vocals to this track. Perhaps that’s who I’m hearing. I didn’t think it sounded like Jerry. Information overload.

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Upgraded Network Board Version from 1.2.2 (508) to 1.3.0 (509) as part of today’s Mosaic 1.3 release, upgrade went smooth. The release notes are quite high level and mention just “general maintenance” (apart from Lina support). Are there any further details about changes / fixes made in 509? Thanks.

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