Bartock making hissing sound

Hi when i switch on my bartock i get a unpleasant hissing sound coming from the speakers, this ceases after a short time . It is only coming from the left-hand speaker

Is the Bartok your only sound source? You need to ensure that it is the Bartok only that causes the hissing and not another component in the system. What happens if you switch on the amplifier or pre-amp/power amp combination without the Bartok or with another source feeding the system? Have you tried swapping left and right speaker leads to see if the noise remains in the left channel? My reaction is that this suggests something more like an amplifier fault.

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Hi Pete,

I haven’t been around for long enough to get to know you on here but I saw that a lot of people were glad to see you back here and posting again so firstly can I say welcome back! :wave:

Thanks for helping out on this one however I suspect that I know what the issue is …




Hi Michael,

Sorry that you are having this issue with your Bartok … are you running the v2.x firmware? If so, does the hiss on the left channel reduce when you select Mapper 2?

Can you drop me an email to [email protected] with the subject line of the name of this thread and in that email give me the serial number of your Bartok and also let me know where in the world you are located please…?



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